Toyota Bank Polska has a new online banking system. The transaction authorization method has changed

Toyota Bank Polska is introducing mechanisms that meet the requirements of the forthcoming EU PSD2 directive . The new version of their electronic banking is to introduce, for example, a different way of authorizing transactions than before.

Having, among others The task of proper organization of the financial market is that the EU PSD directive is 10 years old and you have a bit to the present reality like a fist to the nose. New - PSD2 (for which the deadline is currently 14 September for Poland), which is about to take effect in our country, introduces several significant and expected changes.

The new regulations introduce, among others strong authentication procedure, bring to life a small payment institution, begin the era of open-banking for good and introduce a new category of service providers, i.e. a third party (TPP - third party provider), and regulate matters related to unauthorized transactions.

Banks are preparing for new ones.

Each of us will be dealing with the changes introduced by the PSD2 directive. Therefore, individual banks have already begun to inform their customers about upcoming modifications. Such a message was decided, among others at mBank . This sensitizes its users that after September 14, even the way they login to the account will change. You may need an SMS.

MBank customers will also have to get used to entering their PIN code again when making contactless payments: every fifth transaction or after reaching the limit of 150 euros. On the occasion of these changes, banks must also - because this is the idea of ​​the PSD2 directive - to make a little more space at the financial table and invite other entities to it.

The PSD2 directive is a huge challenge for banks, but also for a third party, which will implement completely new financial services thanks to this regulation. This requires many organizational and technological changes, also in the area of ​​security, because by opening to the market, banks are exposing themselves to additional possibilities of cyber attacks - says Maciej Kostro from the Polish Bank Association .

Toyota Bank Polska with a new method of transaction authorization.

Among the institutions preparing for the entry into force of the regulations contained in the PSD2 directive, there is also Toyota Bank Polska, which is announcing a lot of new products. First of all, new internet banking and a mobile application used to authorize transactions.

The new online banking Toyota Bank Polska is a transparent menu and tiled desktop layout with mini-applications, ensuring easy and quick access to all system functions. Both using a tablet and a smartphone. Strong client authentication and a dynamic linking mechanism are responsible for user security.

Transaction authorization with a special application.

The Toyota Mobile Bank Mobile Authorization application can be downloaded from Google Play or the App Store. It is adapted to most mobile devices. From September 14, it will be the only tool to authorize transactions in Toyota Bank Polska electronic banking.

An automatic telephone system (IVR) and an infoline are still available to customers. From September 14, 2019, most services and dispositions will also be available through these channels. But representatives of Toyota Bank Poland will encourage you to use the latest ways.

The application is the safest solution.

Toyota Bank was to perform many legal analyzes, which showed that when verifying transactions, the mobile application is currently the only way to fully meet the security requirements set out in the new regulations.

They do not meet both the hardware tokens used so far - due to the lack of notification of the amount of the transaction and the recipient's data, as well as SMSes - especially in terms of fulfilling the requirement that any changes in the amount or recipient result in the invalidation of the generated authentication code due to the lack of control over SMS sent once. For this reason, this form of authorization was not taken into account when analyzing the implementation of the requirements of the Act. Earlier implementation provides customers with a flexible transition to a new form of transaction authorization. At the same time, we assure you that both now and after September 14, our customers will still have access to banking by phone - promises Małgorzata Wachowska, Member of the Board, Director of the Business and Process Support Division at Toyota Bank Polska.

Toyota Bank Polska has a new online banking system. The transaction authorization method has changed


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