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Conspiracy theories: man has no impact on global warming

More than half of youtube experts say that either global warming is either a myth or does not threaten us as much as scientists say. So let's think about what and where it went so badly that a large part of society still underestimates progressive climate change.

Flat Earth , poison in vaccines , chemtrails , reptilians - thanks to access to the network, even the most stupid (there are a lot of contenders for this title) conspiracy theory can win many followers in a very short time. Why is this happening at all?

Why do we believe in conspiracy theories ?

Several studies have been written on this topic. For example, it was carried out by scientists from the University of Chicago. They created ad hoc completely new, previously nonexistent conspiracy theories. One of them was: "Have you heard why they make us change light bulbs to energy-saving fluorescent lamps? The government ordered them to be used because their light makes people more obedient and easier to control. "

Sounds stupid? Yes of course. Guess how respondents participating in the study responded to such news. 17% of them replied that, yes, they met with such a theory. Another 10 percent they simply said they believed it was true. Never mind that they have never heard of this government conspiracy before.

The same people were also asked about theories that are already grounded in human beliefs. 19 percent confessed to believing in the internal preparation of attacks on September 11, 2001. respondents, and 24 percent believed that President Obama should not be president because he was not born in the United States.

In total, it turned out that half of the surveyed population believes in at least one conspiracy theory. This is not a number of people that can be ignored or treated in advance. We cannot say that they are somehow extremely naive - it just seems that the belief in such things is a property of our brains, which constantly analyze every information they receive. The appearance of a simple algorithm that shortens the analysis time and allows you to take a shortcut is a tasty morsel for them.

That is why we are so easily manipulated by pseudo-experts

In the case of theories questioning the anthropogenic origin of climate change, there are additional factors. First of all: responsibility. No one would rather be responsible for spoiling the climate of our planet, which is currently warming up at such a rate that sooner or later it will end in disaster.

How much nicer to hear that global warming is a completely natural process and that we have no influence on it. It sounds like a perfect excuse that allows us not to make any changes to our lifestyle. And global warming? Let's leave it to future generations.

Another factor that makes people very happy to ignore the next scary reports published by scientists is the global industry. If politicians from around the world really followed all of the scientists' suggestions, they would have to close all fossil fuel power plants, significantly reduce the scale of industrial animal husbandry, outlaw diesel cars, etc. - imagine the reaction of stock exchanges around the world to such changes. Brick crisis.

That is why it is much easier to find a charlatan who, in a warm voice, will ensure that everything is all right, and all these scientists are part of a huge conspiracy and can be safely ignored. Well, at least for a while. Before it gets too hot.

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Conspiracy theories: man has no impact on global warming

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