Americans have grounded MacBook Pro

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has announced that the older MacBook Pro model will be banned equipment when it comes to taking it on board. So far, this ban only applies to the United States.

More specifically, these are the MacBook Pro 2015 models that were called by Apple for a service action . The original batteries installed in them - according to the manufacturer - can cause the device to ignite. It is a series of equipment manufactured between September 2015 and February 2017.

FAA is banning Macbook Pro

Equipment that can automatically take care of fire is not welcome on board an aircraft. The same situation affected even the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 smartphone. This model also had a problem with exploding batteries. The US FAA has issued a statement that passengers traveling with the MacBook Pro will be asked to leave their laptop on the ground. Otherwise they will not board.

There is only one problem: no one knows exactly how US airport services are to recognize MacBooks with a fire risk. The same model, manufactured after February 2017, is already (according to the FAA itself) completely safe and you can easily take it on board.

Second thing: if someone has already given your faulty MacBook for a service action and replaced the faulty battery with a fully safe one, then what then? What recommendations for security check will the Federal Aviation Administration issue in this case? The options are two: either it will be an absolutely dead regulation that no one will follow, or thanks to the FAA, security checks at US airports will cause a lot of problems to all MacBook Pro users. So bad and so bad.

The ban on flying with a MacBook may also appear in Europe

According to Bloomberg, at least one European air carrier may follow in the footsteps of the FAA. It's about TUI Group Airlines. For now, however, TUI wants to limit itself to informing its passengers about the risk of traveling with the MacBook Pro before boarding the plane and just before taking off. Nobody mentions any bans on boarding yet.

If you're using a 15 "MacBook Pro, it's best for your own safety if you visit this Apple website where you can check if your battery should be replaced. If this happens, I advise you not to throw away documents that would confirm the repair on the site.

Americans have grounded MacBook Pro


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