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Too Good To Go app available in Poland. You can buy food from a restaurant for a fraction of the price

The place of food is in the stomach, not in the trash.

In Poland, as much as 9 million tons of food are disposed of annually, 236 kg per head. Although for years in the public debate there are alarming statistics on food waste, system solutions that could remedy this, are still missing. Instead, there are bottom-up initiatives that try to change something on their own. One of them is the Danish application Too Good To Go, which has just arrived in Poland.

Restaurants and shops throw food out of power , you can take advantage of it.

The idea is simple. The app combines restaurants, shops and even confectioneries, which you can not sell all the food for the day, with those who would like to snack. Thanks to this, instead of being thrown in the trash, the food is thrown on the tooth, so it lands where it belongs.

At Too Good To Go restaurants offer surprise packages with dishes. The buyer, ordering food in the application, does not know what is in the package. This uncertainty, however, usually pays off. For a dinner of 20 or 30 zlotys, you can pay up to half the price. All he has to do is present himself at the appointed time to pick up his surprise from the place.

Everyone is winning in this system. Restaurants and shops earn on food, which would normally have to be written off. The customer pays less. The earth and its inhabitants can enjoy the fact that less rubbish lands.

Too Good To Go app for Android and iOS.

The application is nice and above all very clear and easy to use. Short tutorials quickly explain the principles of its operation. Unfortunately, I was not able to test ordering food in practice, because when I logged in to it at 19:00, everything was already bought. I guess. And that's my only objection. At the top of the screen there was information that I had to hurry, because Only a few were left , but in the entire application I could not find a single offer that would still be available. Meanwhile, the information is still visible at the top and only teases me and my stomach.

I respect that the application stresses at every turn how big and widespread the problem is throwing food, but I must admit that I am a little irritated by the nomenclature used in the application - its user is a connoisseur of food waste, saves food, and our actions are heroic. The cynic hiding in the corners of my mind quietly whispers that buying half the price of food from a restaurant is also just a good deal and not everyone has to do it with a green heart reflex. For this I am afraid that we will cease to perceive the problem in a broad context. Do not get me wrong, these types of applications are great, but you still have to do something at the system level with food waste.

For now, Too Good To Go is available only in Warsaw. Shops, bakeries and restaurants take part in the campaign, and although their number is not yet broken, the app boasts that it will soon start working with hotels Accor and Orbis, as well as with the Etno Cafe network. If you are interested in such a way of saving food, you can also check out created by the Poles and operating on a similar principle Foodsi .

Too Good To Go app available in Poland. You can buy food from a restaurant for a fraction of the price

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