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Alior Bank and PZU chose 11 of the most interesting fintechs. It is a chance for them to cooperate with the corporation

Advanced data analytics, new channels of reaching customers or building engagement and ensuring security - these are the areas where the second edition of RBL_START will focus.

RBL_START is a 15-week program that will allow startups to polish the product under the supervision of experts. How do the participants of the accelerator present themselves?

From among over 200 applications, the best eleven were selected:

  • Bags Off - an e-commerce platform for brands, operating on the principle of a virtual shopping mall.
  • BillTech - a platform to pay bills with one click. Automatically imports e-invoices and enables DotPay payment.
  • Bonusway - cashback for online shopping.
  • Domove - service of concluding rental agreements for flats and payment of fees for the landlord.
  • Enable: Banking - a library, documentation and tools supporting the use of banking interfaces.
  • LogicAI - Data Scientists using machine learning and advanced data analytics to solve business needs.
  • Luna - environment for programming, data processing and visualization.
  • Mobiltek - creates solutions in the area of ​​mobile banking and mobile payments.
  • Trustisto - a system of dynamic components that build customer trust and commitment. Trustisto allows you to create notifications that contain social proof and set up a test and production environment.
  • Upswot - Automatic assessment of company credibility and creation of scoring. The solution improves the customer's digital journey and automatically assesses the actual credibility of the company, thus shortening the time between the decision of the SME to apply for a loan and the bank's acceptance.
  • Zappy AI - automation of manual business processes. AI, recording repetitive activities, learns and reproduces them, constantly automating individual processes.

The list presents the most interesting development directions of the fintech industry. These are innovations that allow you to operate more efficiently, move faster in the business thicket and provide clients with better services.

We still remember the start-up roots of Alior Bank, but we are also aware of the challenges facing the mature corporation we have become. The dynamically changing regulatory environment, technological progress and the global development of the start-up ecosystem are an opportunity for corporations to implement innovative solutions thanks to partnerships - says Marcin Jaszczuk, Vice President of the Management Board at Alior Bank.

Alior is not isolated in its quest to cooperate with startups. It does 68 percent. companies from the top hundreds of FORTUNE500 lists. The integration of corporations with small startups is not always successful, but the RBL_START program is oriented towards maximizing the effects.

The rate is high, because selected participants can get the opportunity to implement their solutions.

Cooperation runs on the design path. It starts with workshops in which entrepreneurs take part. The experience is shared with representatives of not only Alior Bank, but also the partners of the accelerator: PZU, IBM, Linklaters, Mastercard and Microsoft.

Then comes the time to learn about the secrets of building partnerships in corporations: from meetings with clients in a research laboratory, preparation of a business case to analysis in terms of security and regulation. The latter is particularly important in view of the possible establishment of a partnership with Alior Bank or PZU.

- During the program, we will be better at examining proposals that, according to mentors, have business potential in their areas. It is also time to adapt the solutions to the technological requirements of Alior Bank and PZU, so that in the case of commercial activities we do not limit the problems associated with it - stresses Kamila Wincenciak, Director of Partnerships with FinTechami in Alior Bank.

The program is tailored not only to existing companies but also to start-ups at an early stage of development.

Fintechy not only attracts the opportunity to include a higher course of its development or cooperation with the corporation, but also to obtain financial support. During the first edition of the accelerator, Venture Capital Fund Alior Bank invested in PayPo . Start-up in November 2018 gained PLN 4 million through the sale of 20 percent. shares in the company.

Demo Day - demonstration of the effects of the accelerator is scheduled for November 2019.

Then startups and mentors will present their ideas for cooperation with Alior Bank and PZU.

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* The material was created in cooperation with Alior Bank.

Alior Bank and PZU chose 11 of the most interesting fintechs. It is a chance for them to cooperate with the corporation

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