AirPodsy is the best gadget I had. I regret that I waited with the purchase

At the beginning of June I made AirPodsy. More specifically, I bought them for a child's day. And for a few weeks I'm just like a kid every time I take them out of the case. And I do it several times a day.

First generation and too long procrastination

At the beginning of the first AirPodsy, I was looking quite skeptical. It looked like someone brutally stripped the cable and pretended it should be like that. The price was also deterred - a few hundred zlotys for small headphones that do not play very well, it was not the amount that I wanted to spend on such a gadget.

With time, however, I began to get used to their appearance and even began to like me. It's not hard to get used to the AirPods look. These are the best-selling headphones in the world and on the streets you can see them everywhere. Every day I pass a few people in AirPods. I see them every day. And if you go abroad, it's not at all an airmail quake. Such a view can be changed.

And that's how it happened. AirPods stopped looking strange. They started to intrigue for that.

I tried to buy the first AirPodsy at the end of their generation, but it was difficult. Headphones were regularly unavailable. And I did not want to buy in strange stores, because I was aware that Chinese counterfeits were on the market, including those that at first glance can not be distinguished from the original. That's why I waited.

A new generation has come in and ... prices have risen again. It stopped me from buying again. It turned out, however, that AirPodsy 2. Gen. They are difficult to access in Poland. At least they were. Many large stores for weeks were waiting for deliveries, including some Premium Apple Resellers. So I waited.

In the end, I managed to get them. The availability of the product in the store coincided with the moment I wanted to buy it again. I bought it. And I use them literally everyday. Many times a day.

Why are AirPods so great?

AirPods do not play outstandingly. In my opinion, they play much better than the standard headphones Apple connects to the boxes with iPhones, but this is also no recommendation and achievement. Let's be straightforward though - AirPods headphones are not for audiophiles who are looking for equipment to listen to high quality music.

AirPods are simply great everyday headphones. You pull out the headphones with a genius case. Immediately, the iPhone detects them and connects them. You put them in your ears. You are listening to music or podcasts. Someone is calling, so you answer the call and talk. The caller praises you very well (seriously!). You end the call because you enter the cafe. You buy fancy caffe latte on soy (because you can not drink milk, which means you are condemned to Huela on water ), you pay Apple Pay. You sit down at the table and take out your iPad. With one touch you switch the headphones so that they work with the tablet. You watch a movie on YouTube, without disturbing other customers, and in the other you work. You wrote back to important emails. You leave the cafe and switch the headphones to work with the iPhone. Listening to music you get home. You take the AirPods out of your ears and put them in the case. You prepare something for food and you eat it. If you did Huela on water with fruit, it took you 15 minutes to prepare and eat it . During this time, AirPods in the case charged up significantly and are ready to play for an additional 3 hours. You sit down to iMac, you start Slack, Safari, Trello, Calendar, Pages and Apple Music, in which you set one click to make music go to AirPods. You work further. And in the evening on the couch, when you watch Netfliks on iPad, AirPods are again useful.

Oh. Ah. This is a dance. This is the life.

The battery in AirPods is great. The case loads quickly and gives a kick. After a few weeks with AirPodsami I can not tell you how much the battery lasts, because I have never failed. I hook up the headphones for charging every two days. In the meantime, I do not even control how much energy was left. I do not bother.

I almost forgot about gestures. We control the AirPods by touching their case. There are no buttons. Two taps at the right are a pause. The next two taps are play. Tapping the left is changing the song to the next one. You can define actions triggered by taps yourself.

I have heard quite a few complaints that AirPods do not have a built-in volume control. This is some disadvantage, but many headphones do not have this feature. On the other hand, using AirPods with an iPhone, iPad or Mac, we always have the device that the music is playing at hand, so changing the volume is not difficult.

In crisis situations, when we listen to music loudly, and someone starts talking to us, it is useful to automatically pause and resume playing music when pulling out and putting the earpiece back in the ear. When someone talks to us on the street, for a road or an hour, it's enough to take one handset, the music stops (the video will stop, etc.), answer the caller, put the phone in the ear and the music will start - if you remove the handset 15 seconds have passed. If it's over, you'll need to double tap the handset to resume playback. Very convenient function.

I did not want to wait for AirPods 3. Gen.

Somewhere, I read that Apple was very disappointed in releasing AirPods 2, almost identical to the first generation. In principle, only the chip changed and a more expensive version was added, which can be charged wirelessly.

It's nonsense. Apple did not disappoint. The first headphones proved to be a unique success. They have earned the status of the best-selling headphones in the world. Can you want something more? Apple would have to lose his mind to cut off the chicken's head bearing the golden eggs. Since people loved AirPodsy and rushed to the stores, Apple could do only what he did - gently improve the product and add wireless charging. In this way, a clear signal was sent to the customers - these are great headphones in which we do not intend to change anything yet.

The third generation can add resistance to splashes or bring a refreshed design. It will not change the fact that AirPods are already great headphones today. An everyday gadget that you enjoy with great pleasure.

For me, AirPods are in use several or dozen times a day. For work, for entertainment, for conversations, for exercises, for walks and for travel. I am enchanted with them and delighted. This is the best gadget I've ever bought.

AirPodsy is the best gadget I had. I regret that I waited with the purchase


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