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A fast million, or Żappka, hit the stores with applications. What attracts customers to this appki?

The Żabka store network has created a mobile application called Żappka, which has over a million downloads. Program users can count on rewards for shopping and preferential prices.

At the end of February 2019, the Żabka chain of stores, numbering over 5.3 thousand. branches in Poland, launched a pilot version of Żappka - a mobile application for its clients. In June, the official version of the program was made available. In July, the company's representatives reported that the number of mobile application users exceeded one million.

Żappka is more often downloaded from Facebook

Żappka has become one of the most popular free applications on Google Play and App Stora, which is downloaded even more often than Facebook or Messenger.

Tomasz Blicharski, vice president of Finance and Development of Żabka network, said that the Żappka application, although it does not offer online shopping options, was one of the first places among the most downloaded applications in Poland.

This is the best proof that we fully responded to customer expectations, creating new opportunities for presenting our offer combined with a loyalty program. Every day we register tens of thousands of new registrations, and the sale of products promoted in the application is constantly growing - added Tomasz Blicharski.

Żappka gives you three basic benefits.

First of all - points for shopping (so-called żappsy), which can be exchanged for prizes. One zloty is equal to four points. When scanning goods in the store, you must provide the cashier with a special code in the application, then points will be scored. Interestingly, for the registration in the application, the user immediately receives 150 points as a gift. However, this is not enough to get a reward. You must have at least 160 żappsów to replace them in the store Turbo Rubber. You will get Coca Cola (200 ml) for 300 points, Hot Doga Classic for 500 points, and coffee (200 ml) for 600 żappsów.

Second - special discounts for users of the application. At the moment I see that Żappka offers coffee (200 ml) with a 55% discount, which is 2 zlotys. However, it was explained that the offer includes one piece of the selected product. The list of "special offers" changes every few minutes and usually contains three items. The popularity of the customers is popular with the Foodini smoothie drink - the price with a mobile application is 3.99 PLN, without application - 4.99 PLN.

Thirdly - the map of Żabka stores and working hours. A useful feature, especially on non-trading Sundays, during which Żabki stores are open .

Żappka: how to register?

The Żappka mobile application is free and available on Android and iOS smartphones. After downloading the application, you must register in the program using the Facebook profile or enter your name, e-mail address and password.

The program interface was created by Ueno, specializing in solutions for mass users. Before they made Żappka, they developed mobile applications for Uber, Airbnb and Reuters.

New functions are aimed at the application.

The Trade News service informs that future program updates will gradually expand the application's capabilities, including "inspirational materials" and the ability to create a shopping list.

As part of the work on the application, we focus on further development and expanding the functionality. One of the possible functions is "Grab & go", but today it is too early to talk about details - says Michał Opacki, director of Digital Solutions in Żabka.

The results of the Gemius / PBI study from May 2019 show that Rossmann took first place among mobile application stores, further OLX, Allegro and McDonald's.

A fast million, or Żappka, hit the stores with applications. What attracts customers to this appki?

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