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Xbox Game Pass is the best that has happened to the video game market for years

Video games are still quite fun. To preserve economic sense, it's best to play hunt for sales or buy second-hand games. Or, for some time, join the world of Xbox.

When did you consciously start buying video games? In my case, this coincided with the introduction of the Copyright Act in the context of electronic works to Poland. It is the "new" right for me, though the birth of some of you, made me realize that games are made by people. And that their work should be protected.

This coincided somewhat with the appearance of the first games on CD-ROMs on the market. A typical novelty on this medium meant an expense of around PLN 120. Today, games are more expensive, more than twice as much. Of course, it's important to keep in mind inflation, but it does not change the fact that the game for - I think - most of us can not be impulsive. Assuming that, on average, we get some PLN 2,700 per hand , buying a game for PLN 280 must be considered.

And yet we have not come to the cost of equipment. The gaming console usually costs about one thousand zlotys. A computer that is suitable for games (and other tasks) is 2.5 times more. And also a monitor or TV. That video games are so common, mainstream and accessible to everyone? Not exactly, the less affluent of us have to spend time on bargain hunters or rely on second-hand shopping.

Xbox Game Pass is a wonderful solution to this problem. Especially now that the service has matured.

From the very beginning I was a big enthusiast of Game Pass, but - I must admit - it was not an offer for everyone. The assumption was identical, ie PLN 40 per month, and in return unlimited access to games from the service catalog. Only that these games were not somehow great, in addition a large part of them were independent and ancient games. However, let us not discuss the past, because it does not matter at the moment.

gamepass April 2019 prey monster hunter world

Today, more than 250 titles are available for publishing this text for publication on the Xbox Game Pass. All games played by Microsoft Game Studios - including the Halo series, Forza Horizon, Gears of War and other flagship titles of this release - are instantly available there, on the release date and forever. A slightly different situation is the situation with external studies, which happens to put the game for a few months on the incentive, and then the title withdraws from the service to induce to purchase it at a new, lower price. Something like movies and TV series on Netfliks from external suppliers. These are, however, exceptions, and most items, just like in the case of the mentioned VoD service, are available for many months, or even forever.

And for a long time they are not an ancient, but there is no shortage of classics. As part of the Xbox Game Pass, we will play today in the latest editions of such series as Wolfenstein or Metro. We will also find there Shadow of the Tomb Raider, the latest Doom, Just Cause, all Life is Strange and many more. Recently half-jokingly, I seriously joked with friends and colleagues from Spider's Web, that fear to buy these games on the Xbox, if they will go to Game Pass in a few months. This fear is very little to be fully justified.

PLN 40 per month for the Xbox Game Pass, and there are more good games out there than almost anyone can go through.

Of course, not everything in Game Pass is cool, even the ones from Microsoft Studios. But it is similar in other subscription services. Is every album on Spotify good, and every TV series on Netfliksie is great? Probably most of the offers of these services are completely out of our taste. But there is so much of this minority that these services as a whole are extremely convenient and financially viable. It is no different from the Xbox Game Pass, and yet this service is another added value. Do you remember the demo versions of games? In a sad way, the dying concept of sharing a part of the game for free allowed you to help decide whether to buy the game. There are no limitations in the demo version of the Xbox Game Pass.

xbox game pass spring 2019

If I was 15 now - so it also had incomparably more time to play with video games than now - and if my parents donated to me every month for decent school ratings to access the Xbox Game Pass, I would be overjoyed and it would be hard for me to get anything complain. The offer is rich and diverse, and 40 PLN per month for games is a much better situation than from my childhood. When many weeks of spending money were saved for a given title. One.

And today, when I have that time as an adult person for much less games, the Xbox Game Pass content is impossible for me to look at in its entirety. There are too many of these games.

Games must be able to run on something. But here too, Microsoft made sure that almost everyone could join the world of Xbox Game Pass.

Microsoft is currently offering the most powerful (and the most expensive) gaming console on the market, which is Xbox One X. This company, however, for a long time is trying to reach each and every person, on such terms as it will be able to fit. For about a thousand zlotys you can buy Xbox One S with terabyte memory and optical drive. For 850 PLN, we will buy a terabyte Xbox One S All Digital Edition without optical drive, but with three great games as a gift.


What do we lose relative to the expensive Xbox One X? Video games are displayed in a standard, instead of an enhanced graphic setting, they can also load a bit longer. The All Digital Edition version will also deprive us of the possibility to play DVD and Blu-ray movies, but we are looking for cheap equipment primarily for playing. And even the cheapest Xbox One S All Digital Edition will handle perfectly with every released game, and of course, every Xbox Game Pass offer. This console is fully ready for a modern and economical consumer, who lends most of the content and so buys or buys online.

Xbox One - join us, because here is a place for everyone.

Xbox One is a world for both enthusiasts and crazy people who plug their Xbox One X into the most expensive TVs and buy professional gamepads, mice and keyboards. There is also a place for ordinary people who want to have a movie player and an inexpensive device to play in one - for them is designed Xbox One S. And there is still Xbox One S All Digital Edition, who want to spend as little as possible and still not be to back in the world of video games.

PLN 850 (plus a monitor or TV if we do not have one in the house) and PLN 40 per month to have access to a huge video game library. It is hard to find a more attractive offer on the market for a thrifty consumer, in addition, it can be further expanded. Xbox One offers various loyalty programs, such as Xbox Live Gold or EA Access, potentially allowing further savings. These, however, have their counterparts on other platforms. The Xbox Game Pass, especially now, is absolutely unrivaled, as is the economic affordability of the world around consoles and Xbox One games.

* The text was created in cooperation with the Xbox brand.

Xbox Game Pass is the best that has happened to the video game market for years

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