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The cheapest iPhone can be the most interesting one again

Since the launch of the iPhone 11R (XIR? XIr?), We have several months left, but we already have some specific information about it and even more speculations. There are many indications that the cheapest new iPhone will be the most interesting again.

The first generation of the iPhone XR aroused a lot of confusion during the premiere, especially the seemingly bad screen, thick frames around it and a single rear camera. However, months have passed since the launch, and the iPhone XR turned out to be the favorite of many, offering the great majority of the more expensive XS, further piercing it in terms of length of work on a single charge. iPhone XR is also available in much more interesting color variants, which - if we spend so much money on the phone - is not without significance.

What will the iPhone 11R be like ? Relatively proven information is for now two

First of all, the iPhone 11R will offer a dual, not a triple camera system , as in the more expensive iPhone 11 and 11 Max. It will probably happen at the expense of the ultra-wide lens, but I would say that this is excellent news - we have all seen the renders of the new eleven and we would all like to put them together. The iPhone 11R looks better. A bit, but always.

The second verified information comes from a report on a Chinese battery supplier, Amperex Technology Limited, which allegedly provides links to new iPhones. The news is that the new iPhone XIR will offer 5%. a larger battery with a capacity of 3110 mAh (current generation offers 2942 mAh).

The information that is very probable but not confirmed is the fact that Foxconn, a factory producing American telephones, is preparing to take their production out of China . This is, of course, the aftermath of the Sino-American trade war and fears of the Chinese authorities' retaliation for inscribing Huawei into the blacklist . This is a highly probable move, especially since Apple is not the only company withdrawing its production from China "just in case"; Google is also looking to move similarly, moving the production of the Nest device line to Taiwan.

iPhone 11R

Many things about the new iPhone can be guessed

OnLeaks Renders give us a certain look at how the new iPhone will look. We will still be dealing with a big note and - probably - with thick frames. I would be surprised if Apple stayed with his LCD display, hidden under the marketing name "Liquid Retina Display". Because although this is not a bad panel in any aspect, despite the seemingly weak technical parameters, even Apple can not expect that consumers will accept the phone for almost PLN 4,000, which is devoid of OLED screen.

What's more, the new iOS 13 will introduce a system dark mode, which will be best presented on OLED displays, in which "black" color means simply an unlit pixel. Presenting three new devices using the full potential of the dark mode seems to me quite a logical move.

We can also guess that the iPhone 11R will not be too different from the "eleven" in terms of performance, the model of last year's models offering the same processor and only the cap less RAM (or not).

iPhone 11R

One conclusion can be drawn from these facts and guesses: the iPhone 11R promises to be very interesting

The current generation of the iPhone XR is an unexpectedly good phone. And even today, when you can buy a great OnePlus 7 Pro for the same money, I consider the XR iPhone to be the best phone at a price of up to PLN 3,500 . This is a sensational combination of speed, excellent camera and long working time away from the socket, which even in the absence of paper exams in everyday use.

The iPhone 11R announces a repeat of this success. An even better camera, an even better battery and - let it be - an equally low price (as for Apple) can again provide the cheapest iPhone with a place in the pockets of many people.

And whether these conclusions will turn out to be right, we will see already at the beginning of September, when Apple discovers cards and shows their new smartphones.

The cheapest iPhone can be the most interesting one again

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