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Facebook promises that he will be spying on you honestly this time. And he will pay for it

Facebook will gladly pay for the opportunity to track you. Yes, again.

Facebook , which has too much information about us, wants to know more. This giant, fed with funny kittens and cute little bears, has unmet appetite for data. And again he tries to buy them from us .

Spy Study by Facebook .

Facebook does everything that he does, of course, thinking about us and about world peace. He also spies. Today, his new application has started - Study by Facebook is to make the website work better and more accurately respond to the needs of its users, and that at the same time will significantly increase your chances of discovering and buying a new WhatsApp faster than the competition, it's just a result side.

Mark Zuckerberg's company will not invite everyone to research. Sam will choose from which users want to get data. Potential goals will be to display ads for the new program. The person who clicks on it will be able to register quickly in the database. If it turns out that she is a member of the wanted group and is at least 18 years old, she will be able to download the application from Google Play.

The application will collect data on other applications installed on the user's smartphone, the time they spend in them and the functions they use. She will monitor the country in which she resides. Compared to previous data collectors, this is hard-cut information. Until now Facebook has been guided by the principle the more, the better.

Facebook is trying to convince everyone that this is just a more modern way to do normal market research, but it is difficult to buy this narrative. This is not the first Facebook application of this type and all previous ones acted in a suspicious manner.

Facebook has already tried such applications , each ended with a scandal.

At the beginning it was Onavo. The simple VPN application that was pretending was advertised by the company ... as a way to preserve privacy on your smartphone. In fact, although it acted like a VPN, it was used primarily to collect data about users for purposes, and, how, research.

When Facebook got the paws from Apple, among other things, he decided to change his tactics. He paid 20 dollars in the new application. per month for a full data package including, inter alia, photos taken, location, activity in the browser. What's better, at iOS, he distributed it outside of the Storem App, using company certificates absolutely for that not intended. In this way, he managed to avoid the watchful eyes of the guardians of the reserve. By the time. After the scandal was described by the media, and the Zuckerberg company tasted the anger of the ruler of apples, they quickly withdrew from the project. In addition to the Apple-breaking distribution, the application has pissed off everyone, allowing kids from 13 to participate in the study.

At the beginning, the application will only be available in the United States and India, then it will be available in other countries as well. There will be financial compensation for participating in the study, although it is not known how much the company priced their data.

Facebook promises that he will be spying on you honestly this time. And he will pay for it

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