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Tamagotchi is back. This time it has Bluetooth and connects to the smartphone

Bandai said it was time to present and enchant the world with a new generation of Tamagotchi. Adapted, of course, to today's realities, where almost every child uses a smartphone.

Tamagotchi He will connect with this smartphone, so that users will be able to download updates on their "egg", send their familiar to meetings with friends or create a copy in a mobile application for a phone that is not ready yet.

New Tamagotchi


The most important news, however, is the new generation of breeding creatures, which for some reason conquered the hearts and minds of teenagers in the 90s. Perhaps I should be more excited about it, but for some reason this gadget has never really appealed to me.

Tamagotchi He is not the first generation with a color display. The first colorful version was Tamagotchi Home Station Plus, issued on the Japanese market. The Tamagotchi 4U generation, available only in Japan, offered the option of connecting to the phone. European fans of virtual rearing friendly creatures have so much to enjoy. The device itself will be a little bigger than the original egg, so it will not fit so easily into the pants pocket.

Tamagotchi He will be a little more expensive than the original

The price will increase along with the size. Generation He will cost PLN 59.99, or PLN 230, and will appear in stores in August. It is a pity that not before - I bet that the new Tamagotchi would be quite a popular communion gift. The new Tamagotchi will be a bit more developed than previous generations. The user will be able to unlock access to several towns, send their pet to the amusement park or on holiday.

The basis of entertainment, however, still remains the self-dealing of a virtual pet, which, after reaching the appropriate age, is ready to start a family. To do this, you must of course make an appointment with a friend who will agree on the date of your Tamagotchi with ours. Well, this is definitely a Japanese gadget. Personally, I am most curious if in 2019 Tamagotchi is able to conquer teenagers' hearts in the same way that they did in the 90s. But we will see this in a few months.

Tamagotchi is back. This time it has Bluetooth and connects to the smartphone

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