Uber betrays plans and gives bonuses. Drivers in Poland will get up to PLN 12590

Only weeks have to divide us from the debut, from which the whole market can hold its breath. Uber on the stock market ignites the imagination. The company has just revealed its plans for the initial public offering. The future is to be brightened before them, although the threats will not be lacking.

Uber on the stock exchange - this idea began to appear seriously last year. Market professionals on this news only rubbed their hands with joy. Most seriously, it is said that this may be one of the largest debuts on the stock exchange. The value of a company that is revolutionizing transport is estimated at as much as 120 billion dollars.

On the occasion of the completion of the relevant documents, which will allow for the debut in a few weeks, UBER's CEO Dara Khosrowshahi has published a special letter, which calms investors towards the future. But he mentions that it will not be a future without threats.

Not everything went well

Of course, not everything went well from point A to point B. Some of the attributes that have made Uber an extremely successful startup, such as a fierce sense of entrepreneurship, our willingness to take risks that others may not take, and this famous Uber hustle and bust - led to mistakes along the way - no doubt Dara Khosrowshahi .

But the identification of your earlier mistakes is to be a guarantee of success in the future. For the CEO of Uber, the company has a lot of potential. There are still more and more people who have never benefited from Uber than those who did it or do it regularly. Thus, the development prospects are clear. According to Dara Khosrowshahi, Uber has the most chance of imprinting its trace in other industries as well. As in the food industry or in logistics.

Threat from App Store and Google Play stores

For the CEO of Uber, one of the biggest threats is the dominant role of Apple and Google in delivering applications to users. For now, individual entities do not have to pay for sharing their applications in the App Store and Google Play. But will it always be that way?

We can not guarantee that the markets through which we distribute our platform will maintain their current structures or that such markets will not charge us for placing our applications for download - we read in a letter to UBER CEO investors.

Uber is also not the first company to complain about the monopoly of these two entities.

"They deliberately limit the choice and suppress innovation at the expense of the user's experience" and "act as both a player and a judge, deliberately disrupt other application developers" - such accusations against Apple to the European Commission were made by Spotify based in Stockholm.

Earlier, there was a strong link between the Google Play and Epic Games lines, the creators of the popular Fortnite game. As a result, Epic Games decided to distribute the game through its own website .

Uber spends his assets on Google Maps

In connection with the submission of the exchange documentation, Uber disclosed that from the beginning of 2016 to the end of 2018, he spent approximately $ 58 million. on Google Maps . Function, as we read: "critical for the functionality of our platform".

Uber started working with Google Maps in 2015. The company claims that it does not believe in an alternative mapping solution that could provide the global functionality required to offer Uber in all markets. But still it is not so sure that in the coming years will be similar and Uber will continue to be associated with Google Maps. Startup will have to look for an alternative, if the solution from Google suddenly becomes less reliable, there is no proper support, or simply Google will raise prices.

But such an alternative - Uber warns - may prove to be a worse solution and not cheaper at all. This, in turn, can strongly affect the entire financial condition of Uber.

Uber with autonomous cars

We believe that autonomous vehicle technologies will enable the creation of a product that will compete with the cost of ownership and use of passenger vehicles and will represent the future of transport - so Uber's representatives draw the future of the company.

In 2018, the company spent $ 457 million. for an autonomous Group of Advanced Technologies and other technology initiatives - including Uber Elevate, a futuristic program for city planes . Uber hopes that in the future self-propelled automotive technology will end the dependence on drivers in favor of a fleet of cheaper autonomous vehicles. And this is not necessary to pay your salary.

Uber follows the competition

Travis Kalanick, the founder of Uber and his former president, like a mantra, said that Uber's entry on the stock exchange should take place "as late as possible". But at a time when others decide to take such a step, further waiting may turn out to be a shot in the foot.

If Uber had any doubts about the stock exchange, then they had to die at the end of March. At that time, Lydt, a company offering a travel application in the United States and Canada - Uber's main competitor in those markets - made his debut at Nasdaq. Entry on the stock exchange allowed Lyft to accumulate approx. 2.69 million dollars. The entire company is valued at approx. $ 23 billion.

After submitting the required documentation by Uber, just wait for their stock exchange debut. The company is to submit its first public offer to the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE).

Uber gives away bonuses. Also in Poland

Uber also decided to show his drivers that it's worth working for them. In order to have a chance for a financial reward, you must have a good reputation with customers. In addition, the aspiring for the bonus must show an appropriate number of courses. The amount of the prize depends on it.

Uber proposes:

  • PLN 130 award for at least 2,500 journeys / deliveries by April 7, 2019 and at least one journey between January 1 and April 7, 2019;
  • PLN 630 - if the driver has a minimum of 5,000 journeys / deliveries to April 7, 2019 and at least one trip this year;
  • PLN 1260 - for at least PLN 10,000 journeys / deliveries, including one course in 2019;
  • 12590 PLN - this is what the driver will get, which can boast 20,000. journeys / deliveries completed until April 7, 2019, including one in 2019.

Those who qualify for Uber prizes, the appropriate money on their account may be seen on April 27.

Uber betrays plans and gives bonuses. Drivers in Poland will get up to PLN 12590


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