The game has a great skeleton, but the creators break it with idiotic decisions. Mortal Kombat 11 - review

At the level of pure, direct, intense fight, Mortal Kombat 11 can be seen as the best version of the reactivated series. Unfortunately, the producers are doing a lot to make the player's life miserable and make him dream of returning to Mortal Kombat XL. Or any other fight.

The introduction of separate strips offensive, defensive and special sequence is the best you will encounter in MK11. Thanks to the separation of these indicators, Sunday players will for the first time use the reinforcements of the attack and escape from the hail of blows opponent. They did not do that before because they were waiting for a common special attack pointer to be loaded. In this way, the average player drastically reduced the gameplay, often without realizing it.

In Mortal Kombat 11, you want to experiment. Get to know the blows. Extend the combo.

Inviting friends to the pre-premiere home of MK11, I saw their skills grow in their eyes. Thanks to separate attack and defense indicators, my guests began to lengthen the sequence of punches. They played under the renewal pace. They were more often in melee and more often used powerful variants of standard attacks. When a friend discovered that the famous Liu Kang bike can be extended two or three times, he had a smile from ear to ear. Not that it could not be done before. It's just that the X-Ray joint bar from the previous installments did not encourage it at all.

Thanks to the separation of attack and defense indicators, the Mortal Kombat 11 Sunday league became more similar to professional competitions. Part of it is forced by the fighting mechanisms themselves. For example, the legendary Scorpion chain no longer attracts a stunned, stumbling enemy. If you want to put your opponent in such a state, you have to use one block from the offensive belt from now on. Many of the iconic attacks have been treated in a similar way. In most cases, it greatly influences the balance of warriors.

It is also a great decision to give up the long X-Ray sequences. Now the characteristic x-rays appear in context. We will see an x-ray of the jaw when the descending opponent hopes for uppercuta . The cracking ribs will appear after the third kick to the side of the rival. Such cinematic inserts last for literally half a second and do not beat the pace. Thanks to this, the fights remain fast and dynamic. That is exactly what it should be.

Unfortunately, compilation of great ideas spoils annoying Fatal Blows.

Fatal Blow is a powerful sequence of punches that every player can use once per fight. The player activates it when he is 1/4 of his life. A film combo is something like the last resort. A move that can even out the chances and at the same time is extremely effective. Unfortunately, in practice, Fatal Blow hurts the game more than it helps. All through the stretched duration of the stage.

The movies are really long. They break the pace and stop the actual game. In addition to Fatality, Brutality or X-Ray, Fatal Blow gives no satisfaction. On the contrary. Using the sequence, I felt like a cheater who is not able to win by conventional methods. Mortal Kombat 11 would be a much better game if Fatal Blows were not there. Great mechanics are caught up with an average hit idea.

I am also disappointed with the new characters. I would exchange them without blinking.

The debutants from the previous Mortal Kombat really liked me. Cassie Cage, D'Vorah, Ferra / Torr - just a revelation. Against them, the new team from Eleventh is in vain. Both in terms of characters, as well as the appearance and the list of blows. Compared to unfortunate debuts, even Khotal Khan now seems a flash of designer genius. As you can guess, it's bad. Very bad.

Geras is a gloomy drudgery of gods, which only exists as a fender of the story campaign. Cetrion is the most boring deity in the entire Mortal Kombat universe. Kollector is a curiosity, but very shallow narrative. Paradoxically, the most well-known Frost falls on the background of this cluster. The producers have a completely new idea for her, not bringing her to the role of a female skin for the beloved Sub-Zero.

In Mortal Kombat 11 we will not see many cult characters. Goro, Reptile or Mileena are not here. I do not mind such brave moves, if it offers something interesting in return. Unfortunately, the team of new fighters is in no way able to match the absent veterans. Without blinking, I would trade Geras and Cetrion for someone from MKXL. Especially that these two characters are more suited to the parallel Injustice series than Mortal Kombat.

Grind, grind and grind again. Mortal Kombat 11 turns into fine.

MK11 producers have announced that each character will have about 60 skins and the same number of cosmetic items for the equipment. I was happy as a child, because the idea with the armor elements in Injustice 2 fired splendidly. Unfortunately, in practice, only six of them are made of these 60 skins; each in 10 colors, but looking exactly the same. There is a wealth of content on paper. In practice - another disappointment.

I do not deny, some skins are cosmic. The possibility of turning Shao Khan into a powerful samurai is fun in itself. Johny Cage in the costume from the first Mortal Kombat looks phenomenal. Baraka turned into a lord from the Lord of the Rings is awesome. However, in most cases, the cosmetic elements are low-quality copies and variations, which will not be wanted in any way to unlock the player.

Here we come to the heart of the problem - to unblock anything in MK11, you have to sweat a lot. Manufacturers are throwing players poor traps for won fights. The enormity of unlockable items goes hand in hand with modest currency prizes. As you can see, the creators want to force additional purchases on players. However, the price of the premium currency is horribly expensive. Buying 500 crystals for PLN 21, I can afford one - ONE - skin for a warrior. It's just indecent.

The approach of the creators to the new Challenge Towers seems equally unethical.

The level of difficulty of the next towers was maximally increased. The point here is not that the battles themselves are demanding. Manufacturers have done everything to introduce external factors that prevent progress. During the clashes, the player not only faces the rival, but also incoming missiles, snowstorms, tsunami waves, acid rain and so on. All these additional threats are only for the player. His opponent is immune to them.

Is it too hard? The manufacturers advise you to use the tokens to bypass fights then move up in the tower faster. Of course, these tokens must be bought first. For real money. Same as chips with easy FATALITY. The creators commercialize almost every element of the game without shame. They manipulate difficulty, rewards and rules, just to leave extra money with them. There is a certain limit of propriety in the area of ​​micro-transactions, and those responsible for Mortal Kombat 11 evidently crossed it.

This could have been the best Mortal Kombat since 2011 ...

Unfortunately, the publisher turned out to be too greedy, too cheeky and too dishonest. The fight itself is masterful, but it all throws away everything from the screen. Micro-transactions and grind attack from every side. A good one-player role-playing campaign is not enough to reward such behavior. Mortal Kombat 11 in its current form is a very heavy dish, after which it will be reflected for the next days and weeks. It is a pity, because I have fallen in love with the mechanics of the game since the beta.

The biggest advantages:

  • Separate offensive and defensive bands are one of the best decisions in the history of MK
  • The fights of the Sunday players are more and more like the fights of the pros
  • Balancing the cult blows like the Scorpion chain
  • Good campaign (with a bad finale)
  • Crypt exploration
  • Tutorials for individual warriors
  • Cassie Cage <3

The biggest drawbacks:

  • Greed and insolence of the publisher
  • Grind, grind, grind
  • The new warriors are very disappointing
  • Fatal Blows
  • Nasty menu
  • Balance of towers difficulty

I hope that the developers will remember the company and the publisher MK11 on the right track. Otherwise, the game is at risk of premature FATALITY.

The game has a great skeleton, but the creators break it with idiotic decisions. Mortal Kombat 11 - review


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