PlayStation 5 will appear no sooner than a year. Sony does not let go of the current generation console

Sony began to slowly reveal the cards. The network is getting more information about the PlayStation 5 console. We already know when to expect more or less a PS5 premiere.

PS4 went on sale already in 2013, and after three years there appeared an improved edition of this device in the form of PlayStation 4 Pro . Console, which at the very beginning did not delight in computing power, asks for a direct successor.

Sony is slowly ending the announced exclusive games for the current generation console.

Today, Days Gone went on sale, or open-world survival, and other announced exclusives, which can shake the market, can be counted on the fingers of two hands. PlayStation 4 will get games like Death Stranding, Iron Man VR, The Last of Us 2, but that's basically it.

It can be reasonably assumed that the next loud productions from Sony will be the PlayStation 5 start titles. The producer has already begun preparing players for the exchange of equipment . Less than two weeks ago Wired material went to the network, in which Sony betrayed some information about his new console.

We learned that the company has no intention of giving up VR goggles. In addition to the more powerful processor in the PS5 housing, the SSD will be closed. Now the network has been informed when we can expect the market launch of PlayStation 5. It's both good and bad news.

PlayStation 5 will go on sale next year.

Just before this year's edition of the E3, which the PlayStation console manufacturer will leave this year, and the moment after the financial results are published, Sony announced that there is no reason to expect the PS5 premiere until April 2019. At the PS4's successor, we will wait at least year.

The device will appear at the earliest in May 2019. I will not be surprised if the company decides to show them officially at the E3 2020 trade fair together with several new exclusive games, and the equipment will go to the recipients just for next year's holidays. The question remains how much you will have to pay for PS5 .

I am also wondering if and when Microsoft will start talking about his new console. It is possible that both companies will bring their new products to store shelves almost at the same time. For now, however, Sony seems more willing to talk about future plans than its main competitor.

PlayStation 5 will appear no sooner than a year. Sony does not let go of the current generation console


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