OLED TVs can be much cheaper. LG has taken over 540 valid patents

Prices of OLED TV sets have dropped significantly over the last years, but we still have to pay over 5,000. PLN to buy the cheapest model. LG intends to use DuPont's solutions to enable OLEDs to hit the mainstream.

OLED matrices, although they are not free from defects, in general are the solution providing the highest image quality. Unlike LCD matrices, they do not need lighting, because each pixel shines with their own light. This means that the image can be controlled with precision for a single point, achieving excellent contrast while maintaining excellent color reproduction.

LCD matrices have their advantages. They usually offer higher image brightness, and do not require protection from so-called after-images. Above all, however, they are incomparably cheaper to produce.

For today, only one factory - LG Display - is able to produce OLED matrices with high diagonals.

Almost all major TV manufacturers are its clients. Despite its technical advancement, LG is not able to get off the price. As a result, the cheapest OLED TV on the market, so the 55-inch LG B8, is still an expense of about 5,000. zł. The 65-inch version of this device is a necessity to show an additional 2 thousand. zł.

This is, of course, a much better situation than the one from a few years ago, when you could buy a pretty good car for OLED TV. However, it is still equipment for the more affluent. Probably partly due to LG Display monopoly in this market. However, above all due to the fact that the production of such matrices is expensive and complicated. LG Display, however, has a plan to simplify the technological process. Actually, it's DuPont, whose intellectual property LG has just bought .

Printed OLED matrices

cheaper oled TVs

Television OLED matrices are produced using the method of chemical deposition, which requires the use of technological steps in vacuum and evaporation. Which is quite expensive. However, DuPont has developed the OLED matrix printing method, which is much less complicated, faster and cheaper. As if that was not enough, the dies produced in this newer technology will offer even higher image quality. Those available at the moment are not able to use a wider color palette than described in DCI-P3.

From unofficial rumors that have been circulating for many months, LG Display has been researching printed OLED matrices on its own. Supposedly similar research is conducted by Samsung Display, and according to these rumors, during this research he collaborated with DuPont. It is not clear how LG's takeover of DuPont will affect Samsung, but due to the fact that this cooperation has never been officially confirmed, we will not be wasting time speculating for now.

There is only one catch. The acquisition of DuPont is one thing, and the implementation of his ideas is something completely different.

cheaper oled TVs

According to unofficial information , LG spent an equivalent of $ 175 million to take over DuPont's intellectual property. It consists of 540 patents, the company's R & D department and its pilot production lines. Refining and implementation of technological processes for LG Chem (belonging to the LG group, a company dealing with the development of industrial materials and chemistry) and LG Display will last. According to the announcement of a representative of a Korean company, "the production of a new generation of OLED displays is expected to take place within the next five years". Unfortunately, we will have to wait for a long time.

OLED TVs can be much cheaper. LG has taken over 540 valid patents


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