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Instagram is not for the photographer, but for the influencer. The new policy is even more pumpkin lattes and sneakers

Instagram introduces new, very controversial rules for concealing photos. The site should be nice and sympathetic, just like advertisers like it.

Imagine a photojournalist who publishes documentary photos from the front lines on Instagram. Imagine a documentalist showing the everyday life of people who are sick or disabled. Imagine a press photographer who was supposed to do a boring job from an art gallery, and accidentally photographed a terrorist attack .

This is real photography. Instagram tells her "no".

Facebook has updated its privacy policy by introducing new rules collected under the many saying " remove, reduce, inform ". The aftermath of the new strategy is to update the community rules on Instagram . In other words, the rules of Instagram have changed.

Instagram introduces basic novelties, and the most important is to create a category of "non-recommended" photos. Such a picture will be hidden in the search engine and on hashtags, so reaching out by unauthorized persons will be virtually impossible. Such photos will function on the site, but Instagram will do everything to see as few people as possible.

"Non-recommended" photos will cover three new categories:

  • photographs showing violence directly or indirectly,
  • photographs that are shocking in terms of graphics / aesthetics,
  • "sexually suggestive" photographs.

Until now, Instagram has explicitly banished nudity pictures. Now he will also get some photos in his underwear. Does this mean the end of the possibility of inserting photos from the beach? Nobody knows the answer to this question, because the algorithm will evaluate the picture.

Instagram goes towards pumpkin lattes, salads and sneakers.

As usual in cases of further restrictions, Instagram claims that the new policy is being implemented for the benefit of users. I dare, however, doubt this translation. I am convinced that the game is about money.

Instagram is struggling to attract advertisers to its user-friendly application. It has to be nice and sympathetic, and preferably additionally young, dynamically, metropolitan.

This raises the question: who is Instagram for?

You can cynically say that Instagram has always been focused on mundane photos. From the very beginning, he propagated not photographers and influencers. Only that is not entirely true.

Instagram is currently the world's largest photo platform. There are still more photos on Facebook, but Facebook also has posts with text and movies. There is no strictly photographic service larger than Instagrama. So there is no better way to reach a wider audience than publishing your photos on this site.

Unfortunately, the new rules make real photography even more pushed into the corner. Will the next generation be able to appreciate a good report after a few (next) years of such policy? A photo with history? The whole story told in photographs? Understanding on photography?

This kind of photography on today's Instagram is completely shouted.

Instagram is not for the photographer, but for the influencer. The new policy is even more pumpkin lattes and sneakers

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