Changes in prices of calls and SMSs within the European Union. It will be cheaper

Sending messages and making calls within the European Union will be even cheaper. The operators will have to lower prices in a month.

The introduction of roam like at home has turned upside down the way we use smartphones outside of the country . During short business trips and vacation holidays in the European Union, you do not have to worry that sending a photo on Facebook will end up being bankrupt, as it used to be.

The operators won some deviations from this rule and they secured themselves against people who would like to use Polish SIM cards all the time, not only occasionally, but it is still good. In most tariffs, calls and messages are not charged, and the operator adds an internet package for use abroad.

In addition, prices of roaming services in addition every few months cheaper.

From the very beginning, the roam like at home principle assumed a further reduction of the maximum amounts that operators can charge for services. However, foreign connections and within the European Union are still subject to additional tariffs. However, also in this case, prices are falling.

According to , soon, exactly on 15 May, there will be another price reduction. The networks should inform about changes in price lists at the latest one month before their entry into force. The amounts in PLN were calculated on the basis of the average reference exchange rates published by the European Central Bank on January 15, February 15 and March 15, 2019.

Pursuant to the Regulation, customers who want to use the telephone to make calls or send messages within the European Union, will pay a maximum of PLN 0.81, or EUR 0.19 per minute of call, and sending a text will cost 0 PLN 25, or EUR 0.06 per share. What can I say - this is great news.

Changes in prices of calls and SMSs within the European Union. It will be cheaper


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