Acer cares about professionals. These devices are simply created for people in constant motion

Contemporary business is primarily a mobile business. Employees and managers who stay in constant motion need machines that keep pace with them - and Acer has something special for them in his portfolio .

From the meeting to the meeting, from the office to the office, from the train to the train, from the airport to the airport - this is the life of business people. And the work itself will not be done, so you have to do it regardless of the place and time.

Acer is aware of the nature of this work, which is why their machines are simply tailored to the specific requirements of being constantly in motion.

Acer TravelMate X5 - something for those who spend half a day in Pendolino.

Anyone who had ever driven Pendolino must have seen them - clustered, silent, usually dressed in blue jackets, leaning over their laptops, men digging numbers into an excel table, occasionally ringing an unknown caller asking "how are we standing with the presentation? ".

Specially for them, Acer has the Travelmate X5 in its portfolio. This laptop combines all the features necessary for a business traveler on the go - performance, durability, mobility and elegant design.

Performance is achieved by quad-core Intel Core i5 or i7 eighth generation processors, with 8 or 16 GB RAM and 256 or 512 GB of data memory. It's more than enough parameters to tame even the most complex .xlsx files, presentations and databases. The created documents will be viewed on the 14-inch Full HD IPS display, which - depending on your preferences - can be touch for greater ease of use, or non-touch and matte, for better protection of your eyesight.

Acer Travelmate X5

The casing is made of magnesium alloy, not aluminum, which makes it more durable than most laptops on the market. Nothing should be done if, when slipping out of the chair on the train, an overworked businessman knocks the computer to the floor.

Magnesium housing also guarantees unprecedented mobility. Travelmate X5 weighs less than a kilogram, and we're talking about a laptop with a 14-inch display. With such a small mass, you can carry it in your bag all day, without worrying about straining your arms, and a 10-hour supply of energy will definitely be useful if someone comes to drive Intercity, in which there are no sockets.

And when the time comes when you have to get out of the train and, for example, conduct a presentation, the business-unmotivated Aesthetics of Travelmate makes a very professional impression.

Acer Swift 5 Pro - who said that a 15-inch laptop must be large and heavy?

Even the slimmest laptops with a screen size of 15 "weigh approximately 2 kg, which may not sound like much, but after a full day of carrying in a bag or backpack definitely can be such a mass of feelings on the back.

What else is Acer Swift 5 Pro. Its weight does not exceed 1 kg, thanks to the housing made of a mixture of magnesium-lithium and magnesium-aluminum alloys. The whole also has smaller dimensions than most 15-inch laptops, thanks to the display frames limited to a minimum.

Acer Swift 5 Pro

Acer Swift 5 Pro is also a very stylish design, which will surely appeal to creative employees who deal with creating presentations and other briefs for clients who want visual fireworks on a daily basis. It will also help with a great screen, mapping 100 percent. sRGB color space.

Despite the large screen and slim case, the Acer Swift 5 Pro will stay away from the socket for a long time. Energy should be enough for up to 10 hours, in other words, a whole day's work.

After returning to the office, it is good to look at something bigger.

Do not kid yourself - laptops are great tools, but their small screens in the long run can be tiring, both in terms of straining the eyesight and bad posture, which they enforce.

That's why when you can take a break from traveling and work in your own office, everyone prefers to connect a laptop to a larger display, which will work simply more conveniently.

Acer PM0

Acer has anticipated two new series of monitors - BM0 and PE0 .

Both series belong to the ProDesigner line, which means that in addition to high resolution and a large workspace (27 or 32 ", 4K resolution), they also offer excellent color reproduction. Both BM0 and PE0 cover 100%. Adobe RGB color space with a very low Delta E parameter, but may also reflect the DCI-P3 or Rec. 709 color space - just in case you need to critically evaluate the first version of the ad for the customer.

Acer BM0

In addition, the monitors offer excellent viewing angles and an ergonomic stand that allows the screen to be positioned at practically any angle to work more comfortably. Acer also realizes that office workers spend long hours in front of the screens, so he integrated in his monitors the Flicker-less and BluelightShield techologies, which reduce the harmful to the eyesight flickering of the image and the emission of blue light.

Acer has been taking care of professionals for years

During the last conference next @ acer the company presented a new line of products from the series ConceptD , dedicated to creative professionals. Those who do not follow the brand's actions could get the impression that the company is just beginning to take care of clients from the creative and business industry, and yet it is not true.

Acer ConceptD

For years Acer has in its portfolio equipment dedicated to professional use. Monitors that can reproduce colors with the highest precision. Laptops dedicated to both busy businessmen who spend days on the charts, as well as graphic designers or filmmakers, who need powerful computing power not only at the desk, but also in the field.

Thanks to this, by deciding to buy Acer equipment for work, we can be sure not only of buying great products, but - more importantly - products that have an excellent reputation and which will not fail either in the office or outside.

* The material was created in cooperation with the Acer brand

Acer cares about professionals. These devices are simply created for people in constant motion


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