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Motorola Moto G7 is the best smartphone up to PLN 1200. Convince me to change my mind

The question " which smartphone up to PLN 1200 " is answered by most people - Huawei, Honor or Xiaomi. And I consistently say - Motorola, which with the new Moto G7 shows that it is still brilliant on the average shelf.

I spent several weeks with Motorola Moto G7 and Moto G7 Plus. And you know what? If I turned a blind eye on the camera, I would not really feel the difference between the top devices that I use every day.

It is not often that the equipment for 1200 PLN (Moto G7) or 1400 PLN (Moto G7 Plus) convinced me that I would consider using it as the main smartphone at all. If, however, I had to spend on the smartphone such an amount, I would use the Moto G7 or G7 Plus without any regrets and without much compromise on much more expensive constructions.

Moto G7 and Moto G7 Plus - review

Taking the Moto G7 into your hand, you can not guess the price.

Motorola over the years has developed an admirable construction quality. Maybe the new Motkom is far from the former solidity and ergonomics of the Moto X Style, but the Moto G7 remains a very solid, well-made device with a beautiful design.

I especially like the white version, which stands out in the sea of ​​black smartphones, and there are no fingerprints on it.

Moto G7 and Moto G7 Plus - review

Between the G7 and G7 Plus versions, you can not really feel the difference. From the side of design and size, these smartphones are almost identical (moto G7 Plus weighs 4 grams more). The key difference in the Plus option are stereo speakers. Personally, I would have paid 200 zlotys for them without hesitation, but that's a matter of individual needs.

Music lovers will certainly enjoy the presence of a headphone jack, which - here a pleasant surprise - plays really well.

The screen does not disappoint.

For the IPS LCD panel with a diagonal of 6.24 "and resolution of 2270 x 1080 I have only one complaint - it is a little bit, ociupinka too dark. It would be useful to have an additional hundred rivets to overcome the sunlight. Nevertheless, using a smartphone at home or on a cloudy day, I can not fault the displays of new Motorola. They beautifully display colors, have excellent viewing angles for this price shelf, and the teardrop-shaped notch does not interfere with everyday use.

Moto G7 and Moto G7 Plus - review

The specification is quite OK. You do not need more.

Moto G7 drives Snapdragon 632, and G7 Plus - Snapdragon 636. In everyday use, the difference is not felt at all, except for video recording: a more powerful processor allows you to register the image in 4K. Moto G7 records movies in maximum Full HD.

In addition, both devices have 4 GB of RAM, 64 GB of memory for data and 3000 mAh of batteries charged by USB-C, with a fast Turbo Power charger included. Despite the average size of the battery, it's easy enough for an entire day. This is largely due to the excellent software.

The software is the reason of No. 1 for which Motorola will always be for me before Xiaomi and Huawei.

The systemic overlays of the Chinese giants are to themselves that they are quite ... overloaded. They have a lot of options and visual feuders on an overly sugary interface. As a result, they are neither handled pleasantly, nor look nice, nor do they work exaggeratedly smoothly.

What else is Motorola. There, on the spotless Android 9.0, we only have a few extras and each of them is useful.

Moto G7 and Moto G7 Plus - review

Invariably, for years I love Moto gestures - shake to start the flashlight and turn the wrist to start the camera.

For years I have always thought that Motorola is doing the best always-on display - while the screens in the Moto G7 were AMOLED ...

Motorola consistently sticks to its phone-life-balance philosophy, minimizing all kinds of diffusers and making it easier for us not to use a smartphone. And I respect it very much.

And by the way, such a simple iteration of Android means fast and smooth operation of the interface, even if the processors under the hood of the new Motorola are not part of the speed demons.

The camera is still the Achilles' heel of Moto smartphones.

Years of corrections and improvements have given little - inexpensive Motories are still making very average photos.

The dual arrangement of the front cameras - 12 and 5 megapixels in the Moto G7 and 16 and 5 megapixels in the Moto G7 Plus - produces quite acceptable results during the day, although they obviously lack dynamic range. Here are examples from the theoretically better Moto G7 Plus. In practice - both smartphones basically take identical shots:

This is also the mode of blurring the background, which looks artificial, and often pushes with sharpness:

The front camera with a resolution of 8 Mpix falls even less when it comes to the tonal range, and artificially "embellishes" the face. You can turn it off in the settings, but by default, even at the lowest level of "beautification" the effects look artificial.

After dark, the new Moto G7 cameras are simply poor, just like all the others in this segment. The pictures are noisy, they often come out of focus, and in the files there is colorful noise, distorting colors.

This applies to both the main cameras and the front sensor.

The average camera, however, is a small disadvantage compared to how nice Moto G7 is used every day.

For several weeks of testing, I found no other reason to complain. Well, maybe I would like the Moto G7 to be waterproof and dustproof (it is only splashproof), but otherwise? Story.

The smartphone always runs smoothly everywhere. Not necessarily the fastest in the world, but always with perfect fluency. The fingerprint readers on the backs unlock the smartphone instantly. Like face recognition, but it is not a safe solution - you can fool them with a simple photo.

Both smartphones have the Dual SIM function (although only Moto G7 Plus has LTE on both cards), both have NFC for contactless payments. There is nothing to complain about.

One can say that I professionally find weaknesses in consumer electronics and Moto G7 is one of those rare cases where I really have nothing to abuse. And if there is a compromise, it is dictated by the price and is fully acceptable.

Motorola knows its strengths well. Therefore, it does not invest excessively in the higher shelf, because it is not the biggest brand strength there. The strength of the brand is what Motorola Moto G7 represents - excellent value for money and useful innovations. Moto G7 does not have any function under the sun. It has, however, those that are really useful to users every day.

There is no need to write off - if you are choosing a smartphone before 1200 PLN, I would not look further in your place.

Motorola Moto G7 is the best smartphone up to PLN 1200. Convince me to change my mind

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