Hate speech? Freedom of speech? It s time to explain a few things

Hate speech is nothing new, and yet we are unable to deal with it. We belittle its consequences, we say that these are only words, we repeat, we repeat nonsense about the protection of freedom of speech. It's time to explain a few things.

You read it, so you have internet, you have internet, so you met with it. Hate speech applies to all of us. The same person may use hate speech and be a victim of it. One of the organizers of the debate "I do not hate, I'm rocking" Jurek Owsiak knows it well. At the Museum of the History of Polish Jews, POLIN and his guests discussed what to do to build a dam for the hate wave.

An intangible definition. What is hate speech?

Although hate speech is punishable in Poland, it has no legal definition. This would be difficult to create, because its borders are difficult to grasp, definitions often depend on the context, sometimes they are subjective. And yet we recognize her instinctively, we can point our finger when we see. Especially when we are victims. When we attack it, the eyes close themselves to us, and the lips look for justification, in the end I speak how it is, I have the right to it, it is my freedom of speech, all attempts to limit it are censorship. Nonsense.

The fight against hate speech has nothing to do with the struggle with freedom of speech or with the freedom of conscience. Anna Błaszczak-Banasiak, director of the Team for Equal Treatment in the Office of the Ombudsman, is sorry about this, but emphasizes that in Poland you can legally be a racist, homophobe or Islamophobe. What you are so afraid of, that you must show disdain is your business. The border lies in deeds. You can translate your ideas for a long time and passionately, you will not be wiser than you, but at least you will not hurt anyone. You can not insult others and incite hatred on the network, on the street or in public.

The problem with the lack of a legal definition is serious. This makes it easier for law enforcement authorities to downplay matters that should not raise any controversy. One of the penalists cited the story of a radical female activist from Wrocław who, as part of the car roof manifestation, talked about the fact that Muslims are coming to rape women and cut off the heads of Europeans. In her eloquence, she called them carcass. The case was discontinued because there were no signs of a prohibited act.

A poisoned pen. Hate speech is not just words, it's words.

Hate speech has its real consequences, because it is a consent to violence. Verbal simply goes on stage first and opens the door for physical violence.

Research shows that both in the United States and in Poland attacks aimed against Muslims are getting worse not after terrorist attacks of one of the Islamist groups. They intensify on the occasion of the election. During the elections, the politicians pull out the fears from the cabinets, and then dress them up in robes, which will be the easiest to scare the voters. They scare, generalize, tell horrifying stories about what will happen when we do not unite against a group. All you need is an LGBT card, and homosexuals will take over the world in their crazy crusade to stop life on earth by transforming everyone into gays.

These are the words broadcast in radio programs, spoken out of talk show-offs, written on social networks, they make the hatchery chance to blossom, even worse, be normalized. When you throw white gloves on words, you have to take into account that they will turn into boxing gloves.

Thinking about punishing hate speech and helping her victims.

Joanna Grabarczyk, the coordinator of the Hejt Stop project, emphasized the importance of building a support system for victims of hate speech and how much it is lacking. If the victim wants to collect material evidence that has the chance to defend himself in court, he needs help. He must also hire a lawyer, and while he needs psychological help in dealing with what has happened to her, many people can not afford to try to claim their rights at all.

The ombudsman also referred to his own experiences with hate on the web . He sometimes reports hateful content on social media. It does not happen for Twitter to do anything with such a request. They are not guilty only prosecutors, police officers or judges. Other people also guard the hate .

Hate speech? Freedom of speech? It's time to explain a few things


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