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I checked Nubia X with two screens and one camera. I do not buy, but I admire the idea

Nubia X is a smartphone that interested me after the first announcement. Finally, I had the opportunity to play with him for longer and I was pleasantly surprised.

As in the case of Flexpai , i.e. a smartphone with a flexible screen, after taking the device into my hand I only confirmed that I do not see any sense in it, so Nubia X gained a closer knowledge. Of course not enough to buy this smartphone, but I still admire its creators for the idea .

nubia x

This is not, of course, the first phone in which two screens were installed, but in none of the previous ones it was possible to slim down the frames around the display. It's really an interesting and unusual smartphone. It stands out clearly against the background of the competition.

Nubia X , or one camera and two screens on the phone

Usually the proportions of screens and cameras are completely opposite: there are two photo systems per one display. The designers responsible for the Nubia X smartphone approached the case: why mount an additional selfie camera in the device, if you can mount a second screen on your back? This is where you can view the camera preview with selfie photos and video calls.

In the first instinct, I would like to shout that it does not make sense - and it is indeed true. The second camera is an objectively better idea than the second display, but fortunately the engineers responsible for this project did not get it and how they came up, they did. Nubia X, in addition, left the prototype phase, and at CES 2019 in Las Vegas I could not miss the opportunity and looked at it.

Nubia X is a nice gadget

I had the opportunity to use this phone and dispersed some of my biggest fears. Earlier, I had the impression that touching the screen on the back will cause discomfort. In practice, after one look at my back, I forgot about the sunken display, when I used the phone normally - it made no difference.

The most important thing is that with this solution you can still take selfies, and the front panel looks phenomenal. Notch does not bother me when using the iPhone vertically, but in the horizontal it is difficult not to pay attention to it. The display, which extends from the frame to the frame, is something captivating. The lack of cut-out heightens the impression of communing with a top-shelf product that we borrowed from the future.

I did not like the idea of ​​using a second screen in games.

An additional display present only to have the option of taking a selfie photo is not enough to justify mounting such an expensive, large and greedy electricity component. Engineers have come up with the idea that they will add additional features that will allow them to use it. One of them is the ability to ... mapping buttons in games.

At any time, you can call up a menu that will allow you to assign virtual buttons on the front to the space on the back of the device. Thanks to this, when playing in the PUBG, I was able to aim, touching the case with the left middle finger, and shoot with the finger stroking an additional screen on the other side with the middle finger of the right hand. A bit like the classic pad.

It is more bajer than anything really useful.

The always-on display function, which suppresses most of this additional screen, can be useful. All the time, however, the clock remains visible along with information about notifications - although many classic phones with one OLED display can do the same.

I must admit that I was not completely taken away by another phone placed on the same exhibition. The Red Magic Mars phone designed for gamers is equipped with an active cooling system, but deters the typical look of a gaming device.

In terms of specification, Red Magic Mars also does not impress. The 6-inch panel with FHD resolution, Qualmcomm Snapdragon 845 does not impress anyone anymore, just like a staggering 10 GB of RAM and 256 GB of internal memory. A nice addition is physical triggers, but let's face it - only a handful of players will benefit.

I checked Nubia X with two screens and one camera. I do not buy, but I admire the idea

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