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what is xiaomi miui?

xiaomi MiUi

what is xiaomi miui?
  • If you are familiar with Xiaomi products, you will surely have encountered the MIUI. MIUI is literally "MI User Interface", pronounced "mi ui". MI is the same as the Xiaomi brand and the UI means the user interface. MIUI is in fact a Android-based firmware built specifically for Xiaomi mobile phones and tablets. MIUI will be installed on the Xiaomi Xiaomi smartphone by default and can also be installed on other brands of brands. Of course, the version that is installed by default has features that are not available in the installable version.

  • The miui was originally developed on Android 2.2 x Froyo in Xiaomi and in Chinese, and several Xiaomi monolithic applications were installed to enhance MIUI performance. After the release of the developers and the developers welcomed the new firmware, unofficial translated versions also entered the market and later released Xiaomi updated versions in three parts: Chinese, European and worldwide, and continues to update. The appearance of the MIUI is a combination of Android, Samsung TouchWiz launcher and ios iPhone devices.

xiaomi miui

  • The miui name consists of 2 sections MI and UI. The second part, ui, is a serial for the User Interface statement. According to Lee Jun, CEO of xiaomi, the first part is a serial for Mobile Internet and Mission Impossible.

  • The miui kernel was originally released in the past, and as a result, the Linux kernel was in conflict with the GPL. Due to criticisms, the xiaomi mi2 and mi2i source code was released on October 25, 2013 on the GitHub website.

xiaomi miui

does miui have google play app?
  • One issue that MIUI is skeptical about Xiaomi smartphone buyers is the announcement of a ban on Google's services in China. The news has caused many users to avoid buying Xiaomi phones because they have heard that the Google logo is not installed on the MIUI. The fact is that Google and the Chinese government are having problems that have prevented some Google services from being available in China, and that's why Xiaomi offers three different versions of MIUI for China, the world market and Europe.

  • The global and European version has google play and other Google apps, and the European version with the world is only slightly detailed, such as the installation of the Mi Picks app for the Indian market or some of the supported hardware features, but the Chinese version of Google apps does not include google play.

xiaomi miui

what are miui features?
  • The most important feature of MIUI is its speed. MIUI is similar to the CyanogenMod ROM based on AOSP, which results in high speed performance. The second major excellence of MIU is its personalization capabilities; there are apparently different themes that have different effects. By changing the MIU theme everything changes from icons to home page appearance.

  • Another great feature of MIUI is the possibility of simultaneously executing a dual application, for example, if you use two of your SIM cards to connect to WhatsApp, you can have two whatsapp for each line at a time. This does not require any tampering or installing an app.

  • The interesting features of the MIUI are not limited to these and there are several other big and small advantages that are still added to each update.

what are disadvantages miui?
  • Along with every advantage, there are always a number of flaws, and miui is no exception. In the early versions of miui, weak translations, and even some untranslated parts, were found to be very annoying for non-Chinese users, but in later releases, this problem was fixed. Another problem that some users express with dissatisfaction is the faster battery charging than the same battery. This problem was not generally seen on all phones, and even some users made comparisons that proved to be far from the difference. It can be said that this is not a major problem, since many factors are effective.

  • Other flaws or other weaknesses for miui are similar to the iPhone's user interface, users believe that most Android phone customers do not have an interest in the iPhone, and so it's not a good idea to simulate Android to ios, and on the other hand, some believe that miui features And the beauty of both operating systems together.

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