My first adventure with Red Dead Online was full of mindless fights, unnecessary fights and crash games

Before the premiere of Red Dead Redemption 2 together with our friends, we promised a lot after the multiplayer module. We created our own band with the eyes of the imagination, we attacked the trains and we played like never before. My first contact with Red Dead Online was ... radically different.

At the very beginning it is worth noting that Red Dead Online is in the beta stage. Consequently, theoretically all blunders, bugs and mistakes of producers should be treated with a bit more understanding. RDO is not a final product, and after my first adventure in the Wild West, I dare to think that it will not last long.

[caption id = "attachment_848375" align = "aligncenter" width = "1920"] This is the best state of teeth that you can choose in the character creator [/ caption]

I admit, naming the heroine "Bonnie" was not the most creative thing in my life.

The opportunity to play an 18-year-old woman seemed to me an interesting diversion from the plot and gruff campaign of Arthur Morgan. The character maker seems quite modest. I really liked the fact that he was strongly embedded in the eighteenth-century realities. Everyone has yellow or falling out teeth and imperfections on the face. This is not the place for sleek models and voluptuous women. The wizard allows you to create szubrawców, scoundrels and spooks that you would not like to meet in real life. Well, that's great!

When my Bonnie got her body, the game familiarized me with the background of the story. This is because the player's avatar is framed for a murder he did not commit. A powerful figure who is injured by the same people as the player saves him from the halter. The common interest makes Bonnie start working for her deliverer, gaining access to the open world, base, PvP activity and cooperation. However, later.

[caption id = "attachment_848384" align = "aligncenter" width = "1920"] Strangers from the Internet [/ caption]

My first mission in Red Dead Online made me smile from ear to ear.

The system connected me with three other players who had the same task to do. Our foursome had to steal horses from a nearby stable, obviously guarded by bandits. My companions moved towards the goal while I stared at the settings screen. Late, I jumped on my horse and galloped towards the stable. I was in a hurry so much that instead of getting off the steed and using the shield system, I ran into the farm with the horse, firing straight from the saddle.

I felt great. I was like a damned cavalry who came to the rescue for my pedestrian companions. Holding a long rifle in my hands, I sent three bandits to the sand. I had the impression that I made an impression on strangers' friends with my display. First, we searched the bodies of the dead, and then we entered the stable and robbed the horses. I thought then that Red Dead Online is an absolute 10 out of 10. I was in love at first sight.

[caption id = "attachment_848393" align = "aligncenter" width = "1920"] Red furia [/ caption]

Then I wanted to take part in some PvP activity and it started to be bad. Very bad.

From the special menu I chose the fast PvP game. The system processed my request for several dozen seconds (better than a few minutes in GTA Online), and then joined me in the ongoing skirmish. Unfortunately, the teams in the team deatchmatch mode were full, so the only thing I could do was watch the struggles of other players. I left the spectacora room and immediately surprised. Instead of returning to the base, where no one can hurt me (unless I leave the flag in the options), I appeared near the PvP arena. It brought me a few dozen virtual kilometers.

Thrown into the middle of a virtual open world, I quickly discovered that this is full of chaos and lawlessness. Other players shoot each other without warning. Even waving to them with my hand I got a welcome ball. If the killer had anything to do with it ... Apart from the modest five points of experience, the murder of an innocent player does not reward in any other way. This is killing for the killing itself. Empty, unnecessary and without clear benefits.

[caption id = "attachment_848435" align = "aligncenter" width = "1920"] Do not be fooled by appearances ... he will soon want to put a ball in the back [/ caption]

In Red Dead Online, you can forget about something in the form of a cooperating, pioneering community of pioneers. Everyone is hostile to each other, and the only form of communication is the exchange of fire with a firearm. Even in urban centers, such as Valentine or Blackwater, players shoot themselves like possessed. NPC characters flee in panic, swine howls scared, and bangs from everywhere. Chaos. Lawlessness. Apocalypse.

Rockstar tried to run the law and order system for Red Dead Online, but it did not work out.

Sitting in a saloon you can expect everything, but not that you can have a beer. A violent player falls into the bar, runs up to my Bonnie and throws her to the ground. He begins to choke the girl until she finally gives up the ghost. So what does the other player have? Nothing but a handful of experience points. Performing the mission of the same points he would have gained several dozen times more. What is the consequence of my murderer? Other players see its dot in red and can shoot it without any negative consequences. Only that it does not pay off.

[caption id = "attachment_848441" align = "aligncenter" width = "1920"] A day like every day in Valentine [/ caption]

The problem is that chasing the murdered killers also gives you a satisfying reward. I did not get anything in exchange for eliminating the killer of another player, which is completely pointless. A few dollars for restoring order would be a much better solution. Especially that you buy clothes for dollars, better weapons, develop base and so on. Players would have an interest to chase the bandits. They would have a goal. At the moment there is no such goal, so there are chaos on the RDO servers. Everyone shoots at everyone, and a quiet passage in the middle of the town sometimes borders on a miracle.

The city apocalypse was not for me, so I went into the wilderness.

After a successful puma hunt, I noticed that a player is standing by the waterfall and admiring the views. I went quietly to him, with the weapon hidden behind my belt. I waved to him. He waved to me. A sense of relief. In the end, I came across a friendly player. Then he pushes Bonnie, wanting to knock her off a high cliff. Only by a miracle I land on a rocky ledge and save myself by entering the river. My torturer, however, does not give me peace.

An epic fist duel begins, in the water above the waist. It looks very film-like, because a waterfall starts right next to us. A few steps and you can fall deep down. Agresor tries to pull the weapon twice, but every time I bother him and wring his hands. I use his frustration. I make successful blocks and powerful counterattacks with my fists. In the end, the gentleman falls, and my Bonnie stands all wet, breathless, in the middle of the riverbed of a swift river.

What do I have? Nothing. Of course, apart from the video you can see above. Although it takes just over a minute, in my humble opinion it is really worth a look. This scenery, this directness ... until I remembered the incredible final fight in Metal Gear Solid 2. I think that Hideo Kojima would not be ashamed of such a shot with a waterfall, as in the last seconds of the clip I recorded.

[caption id = "attachment_848447" align = "aligncenter" width = "1920"] Dragging through the city is one of the most degrading things in multiplayer games [/ caption]

It is a pity that so little results from this fight in Red Dead Online. Unfortunately, the issue of law and order on the servers is not the only challenge faced by the multiplayer for Red Dead Redemption 2. Immediately after leaving the river, my game has been frozen for two seconds. Then a blue screen of error appeared and spilled me into the main PlayStation 4 menu.

I think it's enough today ...

My first adventure with Red Dead Online was full of mindless fights, unnecessary fights and crash games


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