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Vodafone: 30 GB Allnet Flat for 12.99 euros/month

Freenet still has a real Vodafone tariff cracker on offer until next Monday. You can get a whopping 30 GB of LTE data volume for just EUR 12.99 a month. This is a 24-month contract, after which it becomes more expensive. LTE 50 speed in the Vodafone network, VoLTE, WLAN Call and a flexible contract start as well as eSIM sound good. Unfortunately, a connection fee of EUR 9.99 is also due, which spoils the successful package a bit. The tariff details at a glance: 30 GB LTE data volume with up to 50 Mbit/s Vodafone network FLAT telephony + SMS FLAT EU roaming VoLTE & WiFi call capable eSIM possible Flexible contract start possible EUR 12.99/month 24-month term EUR 9.99 connection fee The post Vodafone: 30 GB Allnet Flat for 12.99 euros/month first appeared on xiaomist's blog .

xiaomi yi action camera 2k review

xiaomi yi action camera 2k review

Our smartphone's camera is constantly diminishing its distance with cameras, and there are even options that have a good resistance to water and shock.

But none of these features has prevented the very rapid expansion of the Action Cam market, small cameras that are mostly used in exciting and sporting activities, and their sales rose 44 percent to 7.6 million last year.

This is a statistic that 85 percent of it is common users, indicating that unlike the name "Sport Camera", which in Iran refers to such cameras, you do not need to buy an athlete to buy it.

But now that we're talking about regular users, we need to point out one of the major problems these people have to do with low-level action: high prices.

However, these small and attractive cameras with their various accessories allow users to capture eye-catching visuals, but at least they should not forget that even some of the cheapest models are as mid-priced as a smartphone.

Right here, "Xiaomi" is entering, the emerging Chinese company, which has become the third largest mobile phone maker in the world for less than four years and is trying to reach the first position in the next five to ten years.

Wherever there is a need to supply cheap low-end products for best-selling products, Xiaomi is also there, and this is the same strategy that made Xiaomi make China's smartphone position in China.

The company is constantly expanding its range of products, and now with the release of Xiaomi Yi, it plans to re-launch the Korean giant smartphone market by providing a cheap choice for its users, This time, in front of the huge monsters called GoPro, which have full domination on the market, and hearing the name of the action, its expensive cameras are in the minds.

The question is, can a multi-dollar camera defeat a few hundred dollars? Probably no. Is Xiaomi Yi a bad camera? Absolutely no. Come along with Digitio to see if this elegant and economical camera can be a replacement option for its expensive competitors.

xiaomi yi action camera 2k review

The uncompromising government of the simple design of the action camcorder industry has made other manufacturers more cautious about the colorful and bold design of their products, while the sporty and mainly exciting applications of these products have a lot of potential for using color There are different and impressive ones.

Xiaomi, in addition to the white, has also offered a low-yielding action in a yellow and lime-colored version, though it may look a bit uncertain at first glance, but the right option for color enthusiasts It is distinctive and striking.

The main differences between the design of the Xiaomi Yi and the Gupro, however, end here, because the examination of the various aspects of the device indicates that the maker of the camera buttons is exactly the same as the GoPro.

The maker of its camera buttons is exactly the same as the GoPro
In front of the device and the left side of the lens there is a button on and off, surrounded by a round LED lamp, varying according to the charge of the color machine, green for full charge, pink for a half full battery, and finally red for the battery Empty and when charging. This button is also used to change the shooting mode between still photography and video.

The shutter button is located on top of the device, along with the Wi-Fi connection button and a standard mount for mono-mount and 3-base mounting on the bottom. The rear of the camera also has access to battery and micro-HDMI ports, MicroSD, and Micro-USB ports.

Also on the top three, behind and below the device is a small lamp so that the user can detect at the same time that the device is filming at any moment in the camera holding it.

Similar design will make users looking for a cheaper model than Gopro happy, but it's necessary to stomp Gupro's various accessories do not fit with "Xiaomi", because the Xiaomi camera lens is slightly lower and the thickness is slightly higher than Guerra is

Xiaomi Yi has a thickness of 21.2 mm, a length of 60.4 mm and a height of 42 mm. And with a weight of 72 g, Gopro Hero is about 35% lighter, although part of this weight loss is due to removal. Parts like LCD might be.
xiaomi yi action camera 2k review

Positive points and comparisons with other products that we leave, the design of the Xiaomi Yi has two problems: firstly, the design of the back covers of the device, which has a lot of potential to be lost, especially the very small doorway port, which is for charging and connecting the camera to the computer Should be separated.
xiaomi yi action camera 2k review

The "Xiaomi Yi" frame is not provided with the device and should be purchased separately
The second case, however, is that, unlike rivals like Guopro, the "Xiaomi" frame is not provided with the device and should be purchased separately. The issue may be at first glance, because of lowering the price of the product and making the decision a positive user, but the fact is that as long as you do not provide the frame, you will always have to worry about scratching the lens during the carriage, and eventually, probably You will also have to buy a waterproof case for easy carrying.

Of course, these can eventually be generalized to the rest of the action, and overall, Xiaomi Yi can be said between the cost-effective design options and the better-quality construction.

Set up and features
xiaomi yi action camera 2k review

Xiaomi has a lot of importance for packaging such as packaging, which, along with other features, has made some of these emerging companies known as Apple China.

Xiaomi Yi and its protective frame also benefit from the simplest and most minimal package possible. The box is just "yi", followed by a list of product specifications (in Chinese, for example).

Xiaomi has a lot of importance for packaging items, and this, along with other features, has made some of this emerging company known as Apple China.
Inside the boxes, the product comes along with the help brochure, which is, of course, the case in Chinese (probably because Xiaomi was initially for Chinese market only), but for quick access to the app Need to use the device, you can scan the QR code printed behind the guide with your smartphone.

Contrary to the manufacturer's announcement, along with "Xiaomi Yi", 32GB does not come with a microSD card supporting up to 128GB of microSD cards, which is twice as fast as GoPro, but on the other hand, memory cards Under 4 gigabytes is not supported, which is the responsibility of the user to understand this!
xiaomi yi action camera 2k review

Also, note that the manufacturer recommends that the memory card you use for "Xiaomi" be at least Class 10, to provide the right speed for high-resolution video.

So, scanning the code or downloading the Yi Camera app for Android or (Xiaoyi Action Camera (YiCam for iOS), you just need to insert the memory card and battery into the device, and then the camera is ready for the two methods, Start shooting the hardware buttons on the device and the default settings, or refer to the app to view the viewfinder image or to change the settings.

You can start with the hardware buttons on the device and the default settings, or to view the camera's viewfinder image and make changes to the app.
The buttons on the camera have a simple function and we'll explain them first. By pressing the power button, the device is turned on for approximately 7 seconds and is set to the default image for shooting. However, using the app's settings, you can set the default mode to the video.

This button other than turning off and turning on the device 2 has another application, one changing between the shooting mode and the video recording, and the display of the full, mid, or empty charge of the battery with 3 blue colors (above 50%) pink (between 50 and 15%) and red (for under 15%), and the other 2 buttons on the device belong to the shutter and on and off Wi-Fi.
xiaomi yi action camera 2k review

After reviewing the function of the buttons we go to the app provided by the manufacturer. The app is available for both iOS and Android platforms, and you need to press the Wi-Fi button next to the device and connect to the camera with the smartphone on the hotspot.

Next, you'll need to select the red icon on the app's screen to complete the connection process to the camera, and you can finally see the front of the camera on your smartphone display.
xiaomi yi action camera 2k review

At the bottom of the camera view, there are 3 buttons on the left to display and transfer the videos and photos on the memory (also transferable via MicroUSB cable), the middle button as the shutter, and the right button can also be selected for selection. Use the shooting mode, movie, burst, and so on.
xiaomi yi action camera 2k review

Now, to enter the settings section, select the gear icon in the upper right corner of the image. There are several options in this section that will explain some of them.

(Explaining that to check all the available features, we updated the camera before using the app to version 1.2.10 before examining the firmware)

Sub Video:
xiaomi yi action camera 2k review

Quality: To select the recording quality from the middle, up and down
Time Stamp: To record the date and / or time on the videos
Resolution: Selectable from a range of sizes of 480 x 848, but with 200 frames progressive in seconds and a 16: 9 aspect ratio, up to 1080 x 1920 resolution with 50 fps progressive per second and 16: 9 aspect ratio (explaining that this setting The default section is located at 1080 x 1920 resolution with 25 Progressive frames and 16: 9 aspect ratio.
Standard: Determines the standard image between PAL and NTSC
Metering Mode: Determines the mode of metering between point, middle, and middle methods

Sub Category Photo:
xiaomi yi action camera 2k review

Resolution: Selectable from 16 megapixels with a resolution of 1920 x 2560 x 16 megapixel with a resolution of 3456 x 4608 (explaining that the aspect ratio is all 4: 3 aspect ratio and 16: 9 wide-angle photography is only possible for the 12-megapixel mode. Is)
Default photo mode: Can be selected from normal modes, Time lapse, Timer, and Burst
Camera default start mode: selectable from shooting mode
Time stamp: To record the clock and / or date on the photos

Sub-category Camera:
xiaomi yi action camera 2k review

Preview: To display / hide the viewfinder on the app's home screen
Auto low light: To automatically increase light in dark conditions
Loop recording: To continue filming if you fill out memory and record new images on previous ones (explaining that with this feature you can use "Xiaomi" as a camera inside a car or Dashcam)
Lens Rectification: To correct and reduce the distortion or distortion of the edges of the lens
Auto turn on Wi-Fi with device: To turn on Wi-Fi simultaneously with the camera
AV Output: To display the image output and sound of the camera via the Micro HDMI port
Video rotate: This option will vibrate the video so that the camera can be used from any 2 directions
Emergency backup: By enabling this option, if you hit the camera in Loop recording mode, the device prevents recording of the image on previous movies.
Unbind All bluetooth controller: To remove existing Bluetooth devices from memory (such as monopods)
Buzzer volume: Determines the volume of the device's beeps
Wi-Fi settings: To change the name or password of the camera's Hot Spot (explaining that the password is set to the default value of 1234567890)
LED mode: To enable or disable the lights of the device (explaining that turning off the lights makes it harder to use the device)
Camera clock: To set the date and time
Auto power off: Do not use after 3, 5 or 10 minutes to turn off the machine automatically

Devices below:

SD card: To display free space or format the microSD memory
Find camera: By choosing this option, the camera starts to hang up so you can find it.
Reset factory settings: To restore factory settings
All in all, however, the Yi Camera app comes with a variety of features that are easy to use and easy to use in a simple design.
"Xiaomi Yi", though alone, is also useful for changing its settings, so the software is as important as the smartphone interface, and the end user is set to take a lot of time. Interacting with this section.

Overall, however, the Yi Camera app comes with a variety of features that are easy to use and easy to use in a simple design.

From the features and user interface that goes into it, it's about the story's principle of quality of playback. Xiaomi Yi uses a 155-degree wide-angle lens with f / 2.8 aperture opacity.

The camera also comes with a 16-megapixel sensor of Sony's BSI type and the Ambarella A7LS chipset, and its wireless module is also made by Broadcom.

The A7LS Umbrella family-based chipset system has been used in a variety of products from DJI Quadcooters to action games such as Ion Air Pro 3 and GoPro Hero3 + Silver, but none of these products can be priced below $ 300. do.

Even the cheapest Gopro model is twice as costly, with lower image quality and no Wi-Fi connection.
However, there are many expensive cameras that offer higher quality and higher levels of Xiaomi, but the fact is that this low-power action has almost all of its competitors and its price is even better than the cheapest model. Gopro, which doubles the price, has a lower image quality and no Wi-Fi connection.
xiaomi yi action camera 2k review

To check the performance of this part, we took the camera to outer space. The first point is that Xiaomi Yi captures photos without a doubt with a higher quality than their price. The colors are real and true, and the color range is far more dynamic than the rival with twice the price of the GoPro Hero.

Xiaomi Yi is equipped with a standard socket for monopods and 3 bases, and the presence of Bluetooth also simplifies Salafi recording.
The manufacturer has also provided a monopade for its camera, which is not limited to it because Xiaomi has a standard socket for mono-packs and 3-base sockets, and the presence of Bluetooth also simplifies Salafi's recording.

The performance of this segment is also one of the other strengths of "Xiaomi Yi", and the camera is capable of recording highly acceptable Salafists, which, of course, does not support the fans.

The accessory limitation is a total weakness that needs to be fixed in the future
Xiaomi has also provided a waterproof frame for its action, which unlike Monopad, this time, you will not have much more choice. Using this imaging frame to a depth of 40 meters is possible and its performance is quite satisfying to us, but the limitations of accessories are a total weakness that needs to be resolved in the future.

After shooting, we tested the filming performance. The camera is capable of fitting with proper metering, adapting itself to changing optical conditions, and recording smooth and acceptable images when moving from shadows to light environments and vice versa.

The camera is capable of adjusting itself to light conditions
The camera will shoot at a resolution of 1080 at 25 fps Progressive, which can be upgraded to up to 50 frames and show "Xiaomi" capability in recording true HD images (although it is recommended due to optimal memory usage. Use the default resolution other than full-motion conditions)

positive points

Software features over competitors
Good quality compared to price
Interchangeable battery
Micro-HDMI output for live streaming while recording on memory
Mount standard for 3 bases
Proper construction quality compared to the price
Simple and eye-catching app
cheap price


Limitations on the variety of accessories
Average battery life
Great reliance on mobile app


With the introduction of Xiaomi Yi products, users no longer have to spend a lot of money on action, because Xiaomi has succeeded in launching competitor rivals such as GoPro in an economic product.

Some of the "Xiaomi" weaknesses, such as battery life and high reliance on the app, are largely justified by product pricing and limitations such as the number of accessories expected in the future by the manufacturer.

In total, you can say that while you do not need a low-level action with the highest quality and the most advanced features on the market, the Xiaomi camera can perfectly cover your everyday needs.


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