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Xiaomi Smart Intelligent Skateboard Unveiled

Xiaomi Smart Intelligent Skateboard

In the summer, teens and young people fill their leisure time with hobbies and sports. Xiaomi has released a new product to fill its leisure time.
Smart ACTON smart skateboard Xiaomi today unveiled at 999 yuan.
With a remote control and the Android and iOS app, this skateboard offers some interesting features. The body is made of aluminum alloy and Canadian wood, with a length of 70, 20 and a height of 13.5 centimeters. The Xiaomi skateboard weighs 5 kilograms and can withstand 100 kilograms of weight.

Xiaomi Smart Intelligent Skateboard

This machine is equipped with a 500 watts diesel engine with a maximum speed of 22.5 km / h. The skateboard has 10 Samsung 18650 batteries, with a charge of 12 kilometers.

Intelligent Xiaomi skateboarding is easy to use, unlike popular skateboards requiring long-term training, and is very practical for beginners and has three modes of operation and offers various accelerations, as well as settings for speed and braking. It also has an energy recovery system (ERS).

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