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xiaomi mi portable mouse review

Xiaomi Mi Portable Mouse

The Xiaomi wireless mouse comes with a metallic body made of aluminum, the stylish and modern design of this mouse delivers a special feel to you and, due to the long-term use of the ergonomic design, makes you tired of your hands.

Wi-Fi Wireless Bluetooth Mio Xiomi
Xiaomi Mi Portable Mouse

Xiaomi is a mouse, the wireless mouse is a Xiaomi brand, with an aluminum body with a beautiful design and pleasing user attention.

With a beautiful minimalist bluetooth mouse, the Wi-Fi weighs just 78 grams, which makes you feel tired for long periods of use. The dual Bluetooth 2.0 and 4.2 GHz wireless connectivity allows the user to use the mouse at a distance of 10 meters from the device. In addition, you can simultaneously pair the mouse with two devices.

The 1200dpi optical sensor, in addition to increasing the speed and precision of the product, makes the mouse performs well on different surfaces.
The design of the curve and the proper spacing between the two left and right keys give the user a more comfortable feel, allowing both sides to be used and worked.
Xiaomi Mi Portable Mouse

The underside of the mouse is also beautiful. Function keys, LEDs, and positioning grooves located in a straight line make it all seamlessly integrated. If you open the cover below the mouse, you will see two battery packs that are powered by this device.
The Xiaomi Bluetooth wireless mouse can be connected to the Mi TV TV, tablet, cell phones and other devices.

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