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xiaomi mi band 1a review

Xiaomi Mi Band 1A

Characteristics of Xiaomi Health Bracelet
- One hundred percent smart and connected to the app
- Count the steps and steps you have taken (step-by-step pedometer)
- Measuring the amount of calories burned
- Measure the quality and depth of sleep
- Ability to alert when receiving calls by vibration
- Ability to alert when receiving messages via vibration
- Ability to set as alarms
- Anti-allergenic leather strap
- Ultra-light weight at 9 grams
- Charge up to one month and charge half an hour
- Ability to charge with USB cable
- Supports Bluetooth version 4 up
- Support for Android 4.4+ up and ios 7 up
- Has built-in memory for data recording
- Resistant to water and dust
- The length of the variable extension from 157 mm to 205 mm
Xiaomi Mi Band 1A

And now the best creative product made by Xiaomi, the pedometer, is the device that calories burned your body 24 hours a day.
Other mobility is not a strange, complicated issue. Technology has come to your aid so you can get your weight.
Xiaomi Mi Band 1A

The Xiaomi Healthy Gadget comes with the help of Bluetooth, a smartphone full of distance tracks, the calories burned in the Mi Fit app, everything is monitored and controlled.
Think beyond you. It also measures your sleep time and the depth of your sleep, all with just a simple bracelet. The beauty of this Xiaomi X-ray gadget is also considered, the Xiaomi Xiaomi bracelet has colorful, multi-colored bracelets, and is extremely lightweight so that it's not felt on your wrists and a one-hour-long habit You'll be
Anti-allergic silicone bracelet for your wrist strap can also be colored and can be sexy with leather and quality.
Xiaomi Mi Band 1A

Other features include the vibration capability when receiving calls and notifications of applications. When your phone rings, the bracelet starts to shake. Even with the setting of the program and the bracelet, you can use it as an alarm clock to sleep. The bracelet vibrates automatically at the specified time and awakens you with this shake.
Xiaomi Mi Band 1A

Xiaomi Mi Band 1A

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