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{Disarmed} If you want to know everything that is hidden in the Netflix catalog, you need to know this trick

If you want to know everything that is hidden in the Netflix catalog, you need to know this trick

Netflix is ​​one of the most popular series and movie streaming platforms out there. Today we are going to tell you how you can access the different parts of the catalog using codes.

Netflix codes, the fastest way to filter by category

Despite the fact that Netflix already has different categories through which you can get to know different titles , these are very general, so if you are looking for movies of a very specific genre, knowing these codes will be very useful.

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Before starting with the list of all the codes, we are going to show you where you must enter them to access the contents:

  • Open Netflix , either in the app or in the browser.
  • In the case of the app, you just have to click on the magnifying glass icon and enter the number of the genre you are looking for.
  • In the event that you use the browser , what you should do is change the final number of the URL for the one that most interests you from the list.
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  • 43040 Action Comedies
  • 1568 Action & Fantasy
  • 43048 Action Thrillers
  • 7442 adventures
  • 77232 Asian Action Movies
  • 46576 Classic Action & Adventure
  • 10118 Comic book and superhero movies
  • 9584 Crime Action & Adventure
  • 11828 Alien Action & Adventure
  • 20541 Movies about kidnapping
  • 8985 Martial Arts Movies
  • 2125 Military Action & Adventure
  • 10702 Spy Action & Adventure
  • 7700 Westerns

ANIME 7424

  • 11881 Animation for adults
  • 5507 Animal tales
  • 2729 Anime Sci-fi
  • 2653 anime action
  • 9302 anime comedies
  • 452 anime dramas
  • 11146 fantastic anime
  • 3063 anime movies
  • 10695 horror anime
  • 6721 anime series


  • 5507 Animal tales
  • 67673 Disney
  • 10659 Educational
  • 51056 Family movies
  • 52843 Children's movies with music
  • 27346 Children's TV
  • 10056 Movies based on children's books
  • 6796 Movies for children from 0 to 2 years old
  • 6962 Movies for children from 11 to 12 years old
  • 6218 Movies for children from 2 to 4 years old
  • 5455 Movies for children from 5 to 7 years old
  • 561 Movies for children from 8 to 10 years old
  • 11177 Cartoon TV


  • 1527064 British Christmas films for children and families
  • 1721544 Canadian Christmas Movies for Kids and Families
  • 1474017 Christmas movies for children and families
  • 1477206 Christmas movies for children and families for children from 11 to 12 years old
  • 1477201 Christmas movies for children and families for children from 5 to 7 years old
  • 1477204 Christmas movies for children and families for children from 8 to 10 years old
  • 1476024 Christmas movies for children and families of the 90s
  • 1527063 European Christmas Movies for Kids and Families
  • 1394522 Family-friendly Christmas movies
  • 1475066 Christmas movies to feel good
  • 1475071 Hilarious Christmas movies for kids and families
  • 1394527 Romantic Christmas Movies


  • 47147 Science Fiction and Fantasy Classics
  • 46553 TV Classics
  • 46576 Action-adventure classics
  • 31694 Comedy Classics
  • 29809 Classic Dramas
  • 32392 Classic musical comedies
  • 31273 Classic Romantic Movies
  • 46588 Classic Thrillers
  • 48744 Classic War Movies
  • 47465 Classic Westerns
  • 52858 Epics
  • 7687 Film noir
  • 53310 Silent movies


  • 9302 Anime Comedies
  • 869 Black Comedies
  • 4426 Foreign comedies
  • 89585 Horror comedies
  • 1402 late-night comedies
  • 26 fake documentaries
  • 13335 Musical comedies
  • 2700 political comedies
  • 5475 Romantic comedies
  • 4922 Satires
  • 9702 sitcoms
  • 10256 Hit and smack comedies
  • 5286 Sports comedies
  • 11559 Comedy Specials
  • 3519 Teen Comedies


  • 3652 biographical documentaries
  • 9875 Crime Documentaries
  • 5161 foreign documentaries
  • 5349 Historical documentaries
  • 4006 Army Documentaries
  • 90361 Documentaries about music
  • 7018 Political documentaries
  • 10005 Religious documentaries
  • 2595 Nature documentaries
  • 3675 Social and cultural documentaries
  • 2760 spiritual documentaries
  • 180 Sports Documentaries
  • 1159 Travel and adventure documentaries


  • 11 Army Dramas
  • 3179 biographical dramas
  • 6889 Crime Dramas
  • 4961 Dramas based on books
  • 3653 Dramas based on real events
  • 500 LGBT Dramas
  • 6616 Political Dramas
  • 1255 romantic dramas
  • 5012 Showbiz Dramas
  • 3947 Dramas about social problems
  • 7243 Sports Dramas


  • 3761 African Movies
  • 77232 Asian Action Movies
  • 5230 Australian Movies
  • 262 Belgian films
  • 10757 British Movies
  • 3960 Chinese Movies
  • 32473 Classic Foreign Movies
  • 10606 Dutch movies
  • 5254 Eastern European Movies
  • 6485 Foreign science fiction and fantasy
  • 11828 Foreign action and adventure
  • 4426 Foreign comedies
  • 5161 foreign documentaries
  • 2150 Foreign Dramas
  • 8654 Foreign horror films
  • 10306 Foreign Thrillers
  • 58807 French movies
  • 58886 German Movies
  • 61115 Greek Movies
  • 10463 Indian Movies
  • 58750 Irish Movies
  • 8221 Italian Movies
  • 10398 Japanese Movies
  • 5685 Korean Movies
  • 1613 Latin American Movies
  • 5875 Middle Eastern Movies
  • 63782 New Zealand Movies
  • 7153 Foreign romantic movies
  • 11567 Russian movies
  • 9292 Scandinavian Movies
  • 9196 Southeast Asian Movies
  • 58741 Spanish movies
  • 434295 Taiwanese Movies and TV Series
  • 1133133 Turkish Movies
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The 13 best movies and series of 2021 exclusive to Netflix


  • 10944 Cult Horror Movies
  • 45028 Horror films about the sea
  • 8654 Foreign Horror Movies
  • 89585 Comedy Horror Movies
  • 947 Movies about monsters
  • 6998 Satanic Stories
  • 8646 Serial killer and slasher movies
  • 42023 Supernatural Horror Movies
  • 52147 Juvenile scares
  • 75804 Vampire Horror Movies
  • 75930 Werewolf Horror Movies
  • 75405 Zombie Horror Movies


  • 11079 Experimental films
  • 11804 Independent action and adventure
  • 4195 Independent Comedies
  • 384 Independent Dramas
  • 3269 Independent Thrillers
  • 9916 Independent Romantic Movies

LGBTQ 5977

  • 7120 LGBTQ Comedies
  • 4720 LGBTQ Documentaries
  • 500 LGBTQ-Themed Dramas
  • 65263 Series LGBTQ
  • 3329 Romantic LGBTQ Movies

MUSIC 1701

  • 32392 Classical musicals
  • 59433 Disney Musicals
  • 52843 Music for children
  • 10741 Latin music
  • 13335 Musicals
  • 13573 Musicals about show business
  • 55774 Theatrical musicals
  • 2856 Music concerts from all over the world


  • 29764 Arthouse cinema
  • 11079 Experimental films
  • 52804 Spiritual films
  • 6998 Satanic Stories


  • 31273 Classic Romantic Movies
  • 36103 Eccentric Romantics
  • 5475 Romantic comedies
  • 1255 romantic dramas
  • 502675 Romantic Favorites
  • 7153 Foreign romantic movies
  • 9916 Independent Romantic Movies
  • 35800 Sensual Romantic Movies


  • 1568 Action Science Fiction & Fantasy
  • 3327 Alien sci-fi
  • 47147 Science Fiction and Fantasy Classics
  • 4734 Cult Science Fiction & Fantasy
  • 9744 Fantasy Movies
  • 6485 Foreign science fiction and fantasy
  • 6926 Science fiction adventure
  • 3916 Science Fiction Dramas
  • 1694 Sci-Fi Horror Movies
  • 11014 Science Fiction Thrillers


  • 12339 Baseball Movies
  • 12762 Basketball Movies
  • 12443 Boxing Movies
  • 12803 American Football Movies
  • 8985 Martial Arts Movies
  • 6695 Martial arts, boxing and professional wrestling
  • 12549 Soccer Movies
  • 9327 Sport and exercise
  • 5286 Sports comedies
  • 180 Sports Documentaries
  • 7243 Sports Dramas


  • 52117 British Series
  • 46553 TV Classics
  • 26146 crime series
  • 74652 Cult series
  • 72436 Food and travel
  • 27346 Children's television
  • 67879 Korean Series
  • 25804 Army Series
  • 4814 Miniseries
  • 9833 Reality TV
  • 52780 Science and nature
  • 1372 Science fiction and fantasy series
  • 10673 Action and adventure series
  • 10375 comedy series
  • 10105 Documentary series
  • 11714 drama series
  • 83059 Horror series
  • 4366 Mystery Series


  • 3519 Teen Comedies
  • 9299 Teen Dramas
  • 52147 Juvenile scares


  • 43048 Action Thrillers
  • 46588 Classic Thrillers
  • 10499 Crime Thrillers
  • 10306 Foreign Thrillers
  • 31851 Mobster Movies
  • 3269 Independent Thrillers
  • 9994 Mysteries
  • 10504 Political Thrillers
  • 5505 Psychological Thrillers
  • 11014 Science Fiction Thrillers
  • 9147 Spy Thrillers
  • 972 Sexy Thrillers
  • 11140 Supernatural Thrillers
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