Xiaomi Mi Smart Clock, a clock with voice assistant and touch screen

Xiaomi Mi Smart Clock is the latest among the launches of the Chinese brand. It is an alarm clock that is already available for sale in Spain, and that has compatibility with Chromecast, Google Assistant and a smart screen . Which, of course, and as usual, stands out for its minimalist and compact design .

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Xiaomi Mi Smart Clock What are its features and functions?

In principle, the incorporation of a 3.97-inch touch screen stands out . In addition, it is on this screen where we have the opportunity to learn relevant information, such as important dates on the calendar, the time, information about the weather , set the alarm clock or request information from the Google assistant .

Likewise, its resolution is 800 x 480 pixels ; And contrary to what still happened some years, now the quality of the screen of this watch is similar to what we could find in some mid-range phones.

  • This Xiaomi smartwatch has dimensions of 113mm x 68mm x 81.5mm and has a weight of 272 grams.

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It also has a special alarm mode , in which the screen brightness begins to gradually increase with sunrise, and the same happens with the sound emitted.

With regard to its memory, in the case of RAM we speak of 1GB , while with regard to internal memory we speak of 4GB; orienting the device as an aid in case of specific information.

Inside, we find two long-range microphones, as well as a 1.5-inch speaker . In terms of connectivity, Bluetooth 5.0 is included; being compatible with both iOS and Android devices. Likewise, we can charge it with a 5V 2A wall charger.

  • And as we mentioned in the title, it is compatible with Youtube Music and Spotify , so we can listen to the music directly on the watch.

Xiaomi Mi Smart Clock

What is the price and availability of this Xiaomi Mi Smart Clock?

The new Mi Smart Clock will soon be available for sale in Spain; And according to the information released by Xiaomi, it will have a price of 49.99 euros in official stores .

Although we leave you a slightly lower offer on Aliexpress with shipping in just 3 days!

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