{Disarmed} Corona warning app 2.13 available for download

Corona warning app

Version 2.13 of the Corona-Warn-App has now been published. With the update, the project team has added a recycle bin function for certificates. In addition, the 7-day incidence of hospitalization is now also available to users at the local level and the assignment of certificates to persons is now more fault-tolerant.

With version 2.13, the project team introduced a recycle bin function for certificates. Vaccination, recovery and test certificates that users have deleted are initially moved to the trash. This gives you the option of restoring certificates from the recycle bin if, for example, you have accidentally deleted them. To do this, you can select the relevant certificate in the recycle bin and tap on "Restore". The certificate is then moved to its original location.

After 30 days, the certificates are automatically and permanently deleted from the trash. Users can also permanently delete them there manually. Android users can get to their recycle bin by selecting the three dots in the top right corner of their app and then tapping on "Recycle bin".

iOS users can swipe down on the start screen of their Corona warning app and select the "recycle bin" under "More". In the course of this, the project team has redesigned this area. iOS users can now find the app settings, frequently asked questions (FAQ), further information and the option to recommend the app to others under "More".

Users can also scan a certificate that they have deleted again. If the certificate is still in the trash, the app recognizes it and informs the user that it is restoring it.

Furthermore, users can now see the 7-day incidence of hospitalization at the local level. Since this key figure is only available at the state level, the Corona-Warn-App automatically shows the hospitalization of the respective state when users have selected a district or a city.

From version 2.13, there is also a combined tile for the 7-day incidence values: both at local and federal level, the new infections and hospitalizations per 100,000 inhabitants are now displayed on one tile.

The project team has also improved the algorithm for assigning certificates. The Corona-Warn-App now assigns certificates that have a different number of spaces between the first and last name of the person to the same person. Previously, this typo led the Corona-Warn-App to assign these certificates to two different people.

For this reason, it is possible that a certificate is no longer displayed in the overview under the "Certificates" tab. The certificate has not disappeared, however, but is then displayed with the certificates under the name of the relevant person. Users can call it up by tapping on their name under "Certificates" and then swiping down.

Version 2.13 will be rolled out to all users step by step over a period of 48 hours. iOS users can now download the current app version manually from the Apple store. The Google Play Store does not offer any option to initiate a manual update. The new version of the Corona warning app will be available here within the next 48 hours.

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