Honor can take a deep breath: restriction of Huawei phones shaken off

Honor can take a deep breath: restriction of Huawei phones shaken off

The times are rosy for Honor. The former Huawei subsidiary was sold in order to be able to conquer the smartphone market again. This is exactly what will work, because one of the biggest disadvantages has officially been removed, as we have now confirmed again.

New Honor smartphone with Google apps confirmed

Update from October 12th, 2021: Honor has now shared the success again on the official Twitter account:

Original article:

Many Huawei and Honor fans have been waiting for this day. The upcoming Honor 50, which will also be presented in Germany in a few weeks, will be equipped with Google apps and services. This has now been officially confirmed on Twitter by a press representative. There Bhavya Siddappa says that the Honor 50 5G will be the first smartphone with GMS (Google Mobile Services) that the company has developed independently:

So far, Honor has held back with such a confirmation. After the presentation of the Magic 3 series, we asked Honor whether Google services were supported. You weren't sure yourself , but you haven't brought the smartphone to Europe either. The Honor 50, on the other hand, will be presented for Europe and will appear with Google services.

We cannot say with certainty whether the Honor 50 was really developed completely independently. Because the Huawei Nova 9 looks very similar to the Honor 50 . But that doesn't matter, because the Nova 9 offers a surprisingly good price-performance ratio. It would certainly not bother us, but also many old Huawei fans, if the Honor 50 were a modification of it and you basically get a Huawei smartphone with Google services.

The youngest Honor smartphone in the video :

Honor is also threatened with a US ban

It is currently unclear whether Honor will remain free. The US government is not yet sure whether Honor can now somehow be banished and cut off from US technology . There are two divided camps, so Honor is safe for the time being. In any case, we are looking forward to the presentation and expect a great smartphone that will hopefully not cost too much.


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