Pixel 6 (Pro): Google builds more than just a smartphone

Pixel 6 (Pro): Google builds more than just a smartphone

In addition to the camera, the Google Pixel range is best known for its optimally optimized software. With the upcoming Pixel 6 (Pro), Google is daring the next step: Many useful functions are to be bundled in one app.

Google Pixel 6 (Pro) translates in real time

The sixth generation of Google's Pixel phones has not yet been officially presented, but many details about equipment, design and features have already been determined. Now another detail has come to light that can certainly help us on vacation and in everyday life. The Pixel 6 and the Pro version will have real-time translation . To this end, Google is bundling existing functions with new developments.

With "Live Translate" not only can subtitles be translated into another language, but also messages and texts recognized in the camera viewfinder. The Pixel 6 thus becomes an interpreter. For this purpose, parts of Google Lens, Google Translate as well as the Google Assistant and Live Caption are integrated.

If the experts from XDA Developers have their way, who say they already have access to a Pixel 6 Pro, then the new "Live Translate" will be a real highlight . The new option for automatic translation should also be included on the standard version of the cell phone. Owners of older Pixel phones may also benefit from the new app.

In the video : The official teaser for the Pixel 6 (Pro).

Pixel 6 (Pro): Translate messages and chats

"Live Translate" should also be useful in chats. Incoming messages and, if necessary, entire chats can be automatically translated into a desired language (source: XDA Developers). It has not yet been clarified in which messaging apps the function will be available.


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