Samsung display: are rollable and double-foldable smartphone displays coming soon?

In the Samsung Display blog, 2 images appeared that raise some questions. Will rollable and double-foldable smartphone displays be produced soon?

Rollable and double-foldable smartphone displays could enable completely new smartphone operating concepts in the future. Samsung displays are apparently working on it, as the pictures suggest

Of course, this doesn't necessarily mean that we'll be seeing the first devices in a few months, but it shouldn't take years.

I could imagine the rollable OLED display in the area of ​​application such as medical devices. You would then simply have to roll out the display to the desired size.

The double-fold display, on the other hand, is even more interesting for smartphone-tablet hybrids than the current foldables. Because here an even larger display could be available after folding it out.

An exciting rollable and foldable future awaits us there. Let's see what Samsung will do with it.

Samsung display ( 2 )

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