Xiaomi launches new IoT software platform called "Xiaomi Vela" based on NuttX operating system

Xiaomi recently launched a new IoT software platform called "Xiaomi Vela" in China. In this way, Xiaomi intends to bring all shared AIoT (Internet of Things) technologies under one roof.

Fan Dian, CEO of Xiaomi on the IoT platform, says "Vela" means "sail" in Latin. Accordingly, the company is willing to work with developers of different platforms and overcome obstacles to have a better future in the AIoT industry. He added that the platform will be extended to smartwatches, fitness trackers and smart speakers, and will receive other smart home appliances, camera ISPs and sensors in the future.

What is Xiaomi Vela?

Xiaomi Vela is an IoT software platform based on the built-in NuttX open source operating system and has three main components / layers:

  • Bottom layer - NuttX kernel
  • Developer tools
  • Top Layer - Vela Application Framework

NuttX core

Here, NuttX's core performs basic performance planning, cross-platform communication, filesystems, and other basic operating system functions. Also includes device drivers, TCP / IP protocol classes, power management, and more.

Framework and Xiaomi

Xiaomi Vela application framework has its own two layers. Accordingly, the top layer is different for different IoT operating systems. However, the bottom layer has system services such as OTA (over the air), GUI, local storage, and written languages.

As mentioned, Xiaomi Vela can run on a variety of chip platforms, especially IoT devices. So it can integrate different MCU hardware, software and communication protocols. The company is primarily designed to support all application scenarios and build the infrastructure for the IoT industry.

In the speech, Fan Dian also announced that Xiaomi's IoT devices have exceeded 271 million devices. And along with Mejia, another 3,800 partners are working on the company's AIoT platform. The company has officially opened the Xiaomi Vela preview program from today. Accordingly, it welcomes IoT companies, including chip / equipment vendors and developers, to join the program.

Xiaomi launches new IoT software platform called "Xiaomi Vela" based on NuttX operating system for the first time in Xiaomist.Com . appeared.


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