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POCO Launcher 3.0 is already in development and will bring these news

In recent weeks we have not stopped talking about the POCO X3 , a new Xiaomi device that will be presented today and that will also give rise to the arrival of the new POCO Launcher 3.0 .

Since its launch in the Play Store, POCO Launcher has been chosen by many thanks to its minimalist design but above all, its ultralight operation. This one would also become much more complete in its third version, which has been seen for the first time on Reddit .

As we can see below, the new POCO Launcher 3.0 would already be in development , and it is very likely that its debut would be made during these last months of 2020 loaded with certain news.

Among them, it is said that the new POCO Launcher 3.0 will bring with it new gestures to display the control center , a new navigation bar and in general new more advanced gestures that will allow us to interact with the interface in a simpler way.

At the moment POCO Launcher 3.0 is in its first beta phase so it will not be until October (probably) when we see the first beta versions that we can surely test through a testing program.

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