Xiaomi expands the range of colors of the Redmi 10X Pro with a spectacular "shiny silver"

Led by a powerful MediaTek Dimensity 820, Xiaomi's Redmi 10X Pro seems to be having a great reception in China. And it is not for less, its attractive price and its most complete characteristics make it a fully recommended purchase.

Still, the Redmi 10X Pro still does not leave China, something that does not make Xiaomi continue to promote it and expand its range of colors with a spectacular " shiny silver " that will begin to be commercialized from this July 21.

This new variant called Redmi 10X Pro Birght Silver Discover Edition , will show a quite striking design in metallic color, with quite attractive luminous flashes. One more variant that extends the current blue, gray, gold and lilac colors.

Xiaomi expands the Redmi 10X Pro's range of colors with a spectacular "shiny silver". Xiaomi  News Xiaomi expands the Redmi 10X Pro's range of colors with a spectacular "shiny silver". Xiaomi  News

Redmi 10X Pro, a smartphone that Xiaomi should undoubtedly bring to the global market

If we look back, the Redmi 10X Pro debuted as a 6.57-inch smartphone equipped with an AMOLED- type FHD + display . To this is added a powerful MediaTek Dimensity 820 equipped with 5G, capable of providing quite impressive performance.

Redmi 10X and Redmi 10X Pro features, specifications, price, date. Xiaomi  News

Beyond this, this terminal has a 4,520mAh battery, a 48MP main camera accompanied by an 8MP telephoto lens with OIS and a striking price that if it reached the global market, it would become one of the best-selling mid-range products in the moment

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The Xiaomi entry expands the color gamut of the Redmi 10X Pro with a spectacular "shiny silver" first published on XIAOMIADICTOS: Xiaomi News and Updates website .


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