The cover of FIFA 21 is so bad that it has a flood of great memes

When we received information about the main character of the FIFA 21 cover, one thing was bothering us. We wondered if a draft version of the message with replacement graphics had not been sent to our e-mail inbox. The cover design of the upcoming game is… very interesting.

The cover of the box is one of the least important elements of a video game. Some graphics, however, are so unique that they go down in the history of the industry. Let's take a cover of Resident Evil 4. A real work of art. It's hard to define the series of covers for FIFA 21 in the same way, which you can see below.

I warn you right away: I don't know anything about contemporary art, fashion or trends in computer graphics. Perhaps my simple peasant perspective does not allow me to see the genius shown by the designer of FIFA 21 covers. However, when I see this strange minimalism, combined with banal collage and motley design of the 90s, I imagine a dizzying 15 minutes of working in Adobe Photoshop. Or a project for primary school activities.

The cover of FIFA 21 inspired internet users to create their own memes.

As usual, the players rose to the occasion. Since yesterday, sharp-eyed Internet users have been sticking pins in Electronic Arts, presenting their own versions of the FIFA 21 cover. Versions clearly inspired by the minimalism of the original, and at the same time expanding the adopted style with new elements. Among my favorite designs is the one in which the FIFA logo was simply applied to the image search results in the Google browser:

A separate category of graphic works are alternative covers created by fans. Internet users show how FIFA 21 could look like if the graphic designers working for Electronic Arts did not go on holiday in a group:

Not only FIFA 21. Such covers are a broader trend in EA.

Below you can see the covers of other sports series of Electronic Arts: Madden and UFC. The common and unified style is immediately apparent. This is a well-thought-out strategy from one of the largest publishers in the world. In turn, the fact that I have just made a text on such a trivial topic as game covers can be an example of how this strategy works. However, I'm waiting for a professional art critic or an experienced poster artist to evaluate EA Sports covers. I am very curious about the opinion of such a specialist.

The cover of FIFA 21 is so bad that it has a flood of great memes


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