DualSense Pad, i.e. the controller for PlayStation 5 officially. Everything you need to know about him

Sony has just presented the official its new controller for the PlayStation 5. DualSense console, i.e. the pad that will go to the box with PS5, there are no too many secrets for us.

The first presentation of DualSense, i.e. the controller that will be thrown into boxes with the PlayStation 5 console, took place a few months ago. Unfortunately, Sony showed only renders at the time, and we had to wait for real photos and films with the pad, and we could only read about its unique features.

What is DualSense in practice, i.e. a pad from PS5 ?

The controller, who as announced by Geoff Keighley, looks exactly like the promotional graphics previously released on the film. We have received information that DualSense is a bit heavier than its predecessor in the form of DualShock 4, but this is not a significant difference.

In the DualSense housing, in addition to buttons and knobs, there is a huge touch pad surrounded by a diode, under which a better quality speaker is placed, which will allow you to hear e.g. steps or a slight wind noise. However, there were no colored icons on the right. The markings are now black and the buttons themselves are white.

In terms of design, the controller stands out with a thick line from its predecessors from the DualShock line due to the combination of two colors in the housing. The layout of the buttons and analogues remained unchanged. The one with the cross or ix is ​​still located elsewhere on Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo pads.

The pad from PS5 has changed not only on the outside, but also inside.

In addition to the refreshed housing, DualSense controllers include a mechanism called adaptive triggers that require more or less strength depending on e.g. which weapon we use in the shooter. There was also a motion sensor that detects the position of the accessory in space.

DualSense will also offer a new generation haptic. Sony boasts about it very much, because it is thanks to these vibration motors that "tactile" sensations during play are to rise to a new level. This will give us the opportunity to sense, for example, the type of surface on which our virtual car is driving, solely due to vibration.

There will also be a completely new way of interacting in the game, because DualSesne can detect ... blowing. Players will be able to direct the air stream from the mouth towards the controller, and thus cause the effect of a gust of wind in the game. It looks nice, but not very useful in practice bajer.

Astro's Playground

Sony announced a new PS5 game called Astro's Playroom.

It's a simple platformer in which you'll be able to check out the new rain. Sony will make Astro's Playroom available to owners of the new console for free, and the game will be pre-installed on PS5. The question remains whether the unique features in DualSense that DualShock 4 did not have, will benefit developers.

What about confirmation of the existence of other DualSense color versions and information about the official price of the PS5 console and the exact release date of this equipment? We will wait a bit longer for them. Geoff Keighley did not say anything about them during the broadcast and there is nothing to expect new news in the near future.

DualSense Pad, i.e. the controller for PlayStation 5 officially. Everything you need to know about him


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