An indecently cheap wireless vacuum cleaner has arrived in Biedronka. I checked him in action

Hoffen wireless vacuum cleaner has just hit the Biedronka stores. It is worth taking an interest in this equipment, because it costs only 299 PLN, and it is difficult to fault it.

I've been using the handstick for over two years and I can't imagine my life without it. This equipment, together with the cleaning robot, completely replaced my traditional vacuum cleaner, which has been in the storeroom for a long time and, paradoxically, grows dust itself.

I decided to use the wireless model because it is simply more convenient - it can be easily moved to any place. Its construction allows for easy cleaning not only of the floor, but also of much higher recesses. I regularly use it to vacuum windows and chandeliers.

The wireless vacuum cleaner from Biedronka is very cheap.

Unfortunately, most wireless vacuum cleaners have a high price. I myself mainly used various models costing 2000-3000 PLN and I understand that this amount may exceed the capabilities of many people. That is why I was very surprised when I saw that Biedronka goes to a handstick, the price of which is only PLN 299.

In the aesthetic carton we find the components of a vacuum cleaner, EPA filter, tip with a turbo brush, tip with long soft bristles, with short sharp bristles (something like a turnip) and such for cleaning nooks and crannies. And to make it more interesting, these three tips are really one multi-functional element that can be attached to the vacuum cleaner in different ways.

It is also nice that, in addition to the power supply itself, the manufacturer decided to attach a docking station to the set, which can be screwed to the wall with two screws (included in the set). Thanks to this, the vacuum cleaner will have its permanent place, where it will be put away for charging. A very comfortable thing.

What is the Hoffen cordless vacuum cleaner?

At first glance, this model is no different from the competition. We have here the main part of the engine, into which we insert a replaceable battery. To it we can connect either a long pipe with a suitable ending or the ending itself. This is a great option, thanks to which the equipment works not only as a regular vacuum cleaner, but also a handy model, useful when cleaning a car.

Hoffen equipment looks really good when it comes to appearance and quality. The black and white housing is nice and suits most interiors, including modern ones. All elements are well fitted and do not creak. If I had to complain about something, it would be a bit too shiny plastic, which looks cheap. Because of him, I'm not sure how the tested handstick will stand the test of time. I'm afraid that it can gather scratches quite easily.

The vacuum cleaner itself did not lack a few curiosities borrowed from much more expensive competition. One of them are LEDs mounted in the tip with a turbo brush, which I associate with the model Philips SpeedPro Max Aqua. Thanks to it, dirt can be seen much easier. Another useful addition is the broken pipe known from the Tefal Air Force 360 ​​Flex model, which facilitates cleaning in hard-to-reach places, such as under furniture.

How is the wireless vacuum cleaner from Biedronka cleaned?

The overall impression is really good, because the equipment works as it should. However, the devil is in the details I want to write more about. I have the impression that the suction power is weaker than in more expensive equipment (I use the previously mentioned Philips myself), but I consider it sufficient, especially since the turbo brush helps in collecting dirt.

This, however, is a bit too narrow, which means that vacuuming the same surface may take more time than other equipment, such as Miele Triflex with a caricaturally wide turbo brush. The Biedronka model, however, can easily collect crumbs and dust from floors, carpets, skirting boards and other surfaces. In turn, the attached tips are very useful and the washing helps in daily cleaning.

I was pleasantly surprised by the working time, which in the standard mode is up to 40 minutes, and after turning on Turbo mode it drops to 20 minutes. This is enough time for me to vacuum the whole apartment, especially since I have a habit of switching off the equipment when I haven't used it for a while. For comparison, my much more expensive Philips works in maximum mode only a few minutes longer.

Is it worth buying a cheap wireless vacuum cleaner from Hoffen?

Amazingly yes. This equipment should meet the requirements of most users. I hope that Hoffen will ensure the availability of parts for it, mainly the battery. Thanks to this equipment will be able to serve us for many years, and not only until the first major failure.

It seems to me that Hoffen has a very good supplier of home appliances. While many gadgets from Biedronka can disappoint me, home appliances from there surprise me very nicely. Biedromix turned out to be a great replacement for more expensive food processors, the traditional Hoffen vacuum cleaner turned out to be so good that my mother is more willing to use it than more expensive equipment, and the equipment tested here, despite the ridiculously low price, almost equals much more expensive competition.

If you are looking for this type of device, but you do not want to spend a lot of money on it, you can go to Biedronka with a clear conscience. The only dilemma associated with it is its vitality: how long it will be supported, how long it will be possible to buy parts for it, how soon it will catch scratches. This, however, I was not able to check during a week-long test.

An indecently cheap wireless vacuum cleaner has arrived in Biedronka. I checked him in action


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