A drone will fly to help you. WOPR tests sky rescuers

WOPR rescue drones are already tested for the possibility of saving drowning people. Where the rescuer reaches in 3 minutes, the drone will reach in 30-40 seconds.

Every year, around 500 people drown in Poland. The National Institute of Public Health reports that the number of drownings per 100,000 Poland's population is twice as high as the average in the European Union.

How to fix it? WOPR has an idea for a new solution that can help save lives. I am talking about drones that act as lifeguards. This solution has been tested since the beginning of the season, and with great success. The drone reaches the drowning person on average after 30 seconds , while the rescue team takes five times more time. In the case of flooding, reaction speed can be crucial, so the new system looks promising.

A sinking propeller grabs?

Fortunately, you will not have to catch a drone, although such a vision can be a good idea to start a new trend of water sports. However, WOPR has another way to save people.


Drones are to tow people to the shore. The large eight-rotor copter is equipped with a rescue buoy on a long line. The buoy is dropped by the drone operator next to the person in need of help. The drowned person can catch a buoy and then be towed to the shore or to the shallows.

The tests are promising. WOPR boasts films and ensures that it easily tows people weighing 60 kg over a distance of 50 m. The system is designed to tow people weighing up to 150 kg. In addition, such aerial equipment will be useful in search operations.

Rescue drones can also operate after dark.

Published by WOPR Międzyzdroje Saturday, July 18, 2020

Drone operators must undergo training and of course have a qualification certificate. Permissions must include flying out of sight (BVLOS). The actions are to be possible also at night.

The tests are going well, but it will take a long time to implement the rescue drone system. This requires expensive equipment, but also trained people. If the drones are to be effective, they must be ready to take off at any time, which requires equipment maintenance and care of even charging the batteries. There are many challenges, but the system looks promising.

And the drones themselves are commonly used by emergency services , especially in the mountains. Drones literally save the life of climbers, and paramedics use it in areas where access by car is very difficult or impossible.

A drone will fly to help you. WOPR tests sky rescuers


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