iPhone 13 with a lens straight from Hollywood like no other smartphone has ever had

The iPhone 12 has not yet premiered, and there are leaks about its successor. Apple is considering introducing a complete novelty to the smartphone in the scale of the entire market: anamorphic lens.

A series of up to four iPhone 12 will appear on the market a little later than usual, because only in November. The supply chains frozen as a result of a pandemic are not a big problem for Apple, because the currently sold iPhone 11 has just broken the bank, becoming the most-bought smartphone on the market .

We already know a lot about iPhone 12 , and now we get the first information about its successor.

The well-known leaker @choco_bit shared a leak on Twitter describing the iPhone 13 camera. This is of course an unofficial name, but it is a smartphone that is expected to debut in 2021. For ease of use, we will adopt the name "iPhone 13".

iPhone 13 with anamorphic lens

Apple is considering placing as many as five camera lenses on the iPhone 13. As a reminder, the current iPhone 11 Pro has three lenses, and the top versions of iPhone 12 are to have four photo modules.

Switching to a five-lens system would be a great revolution. Apple is currently testing the following components:

  • main camera with 64 MP matrix and six times digital zoom,
  • telephoto module with a 40 MP matrix and a 3-5x lens with 15-20x digital zoom,
  • ultra wide angle module with 40 MP matrix,
  • Lidar 4.0,
  • module with anamorphic lens and 64 MP matrix.

The new version of lidar is rather certain. Increasing the resolution of the main cameras to the level of 40 - 64 megapixels is a move not in the style of Apple, but would be in line with market trends. Already most of the flagship smartphones have matrices with such resolutions, and next year they will become popular even on the lower shelves.

The real curiosity is the anamorphic lens.

Until now, no smartphone has a built-in anamorphic lens. You could buy such a lens-cap from the well-known company Moment .

But what exactly is an anamorphic lens? Before answering this question, take a look at the following video recorded with the iPhone X using the moment anamorphic lens.

The picture, although it comes from a smartphone, has a very cinematic character, which is due to the lens. Anamorphic lenses are commonly used in Hollywood productions, but they are very rare on the semi-professional and amateur shelf. The reason is the huge price of such lenses. The anamorphic slide on your smartphone is a substitute for a cinema lens, but it meets the key design features that such a lens must have.

Anamorphic lens captures the image in a very characteristic way, namely in a compressed form. The vertical holds as much information as usual, but much more horizontally. The image recorded with anamorphic lens must be stretched in post-production to get the right proportions. The result is a naturally wide frame, without resorting to overlapping or cutting out of a typical 16: 9 frame to get cinematic proportions.

iPhone 13 with anamorphic lens

Stretching the image has several consequences. First, strong light sources begin to create a horizontal glow that some directors love, such as Christopher Nolan.

The second consequence is very characteristic bokeh, as well as the way the sharp areas are blurred when the camera focuses. Bokeh does not take the form of circles, but is elongated. At first glance, few people will notice it, but I suspect that most viewers subconsciously associate this effect with cinema productions.

iPhone 13 with anamorphic lens

Added to this is the characteristic look , with slightly deformed areas at the side edges. The lines at the edge of the frame are not perfectly vertical, but slightly curved.

The author of the leak indicates that he should not take information for granted.

According to leaks, Apple is testing such a camera arrangement, but this does not mean that the ideas will be introduced to the final device.

Apple has been promoting filming with a smartphone for years, which the iPhone is doing sensational. Anamorphic lens is not only a niche solution, but also expensive. I am not sure if giving the webcam to the average user is the best idea.

On the other hand, we're talking about Apple, a company whose software does many things for the user. If the transformation of anamorphic image into classic would be automatic, and the user would not even consciously receive a movie with a cinematic look , everyone would benefit from it.

iPhone 13 with a lens straight from Hollywood like no other smartphone has ever had


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