This is what a portable petabyte disk looks like

Azure is not only services that allow us to host our application, but also a service that allows storing and analyzing huge amounts of data. What to do, however, when we have so much data that it is unrealistic to push them through the network?

In this situation, we can order data transport from Microsoft. They send us a disk, which we securely plug into our network, and then transfer data via cable. Later, Microsoft takes the disk and uploads the data to Azure.

We can also order a subscription to regularly send the data we generate. For example, research facilities or laboratories have these needs.

We have several types of discs to send to us. I could see them at the MS Build conference in Seattle in May.

Azure Data Box Disk

For smaller transfers, we can order Azure Data Box Disk. We can send 8 TB of data in each way (in one order Microsoft will send us a maximum of five such disks, giving a total capacity of 40 TB). This disk is connected via USB 3.1 or using SATA II or III.

Azure Data Box

The next device is the Azure Data Box. It is used to upload data up to 100 TB. The data is automatically encrypted using the 256-bit AES algorithm. Azure Data Box is equipped with two network cards - each of them supporting 10-gigabit transfer.

Azure Data Box Heavy

The largest disk, equipped with wheels and weighing over 250 kilograms, is the Azure Data Box Heavy. It allows you to send data to one petabyte. We transfer using four forty-gigabit Ethernet cards.

Azure Data Box Edge

Azure Data Box Edge is new in the data transfer offer. It transfers some of the Azure cloud capabilities (including machine learning, data analysis and compression) to our network, thanks to which we minimize network transfer and reduce access time. It's like a piece of Azure on our network.

It integrates with both our local network and Azure, creating a hybrid solution. The local data cache is only 12 terabytes.

This is what a portable petabyte disk looks like


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