Starting from today, Google s search engine will give us even better answers

Google has announced the introduction of a very important change to the engine of its search engine. Google's answers will become much more useful.

This is not about completing the search phrase, but about the answers displayed above the normal search results. Professional is called feature snippets, or Google answers. Anyway, the easiest way is if I show you what's going on:

Changes in Google responses

In my opinion, Google's answers are one of the most useful features Google has added to its search engine in recent years. However, the answers given are not always useful. Very often it concerns inquiries regarding current events. Imagine that you want to check when, for example, winter holidays begin. In such a situation, Google search is very often able to provide an out-of-date answer regarding previous years.

The basis of our search engine is to understand the language. Unfortunately, computer systems do not understand it in the same way as people do. That's why we are constantly developing new ways to better understand searches and provide relevant results, especially in cases where a useful context is suggested, for example, whether the freshness of responses matters, writes Pandu Nayak, Google's vice president of Search.

In a word, Google has changed the algorithm responsible for responding above search results. From now on, it will take into account whether the answers to the questions we ask are additionally dependent on the time frame. As for me, this is a perfect change. Although I must admit that even the previous version of Google's response worked well enough for me that it was difficult for me to complain about it.

The next changes in the Google search do not appeal to everyone.

For a comment in this matter I asked our wizard SEO and the person responsible for all projects in the Spider's Web group. His opinion was not so optimistic:

Not every publisher or website owner will like the new changes at Google. Because once, that Google is continuing the changes that started some time ago, and these are usually worse than better. And two, that the modifications on the list of search results will push the natural results of searches down the page even more and this will certainly have a negative impact on user scans. On the other hand, the search engine is for people, and the proposed modifications improve the transparency of search results. So you can say that Google checks, tests and ultimately grinds the solutions in a way to best take care of your users. And the fact that with a doubt the benefit for the publishers is another matter - says Przemysław Śmit.

Ordinary Google users do not pay much attention to such details. However, it is true that the lower the natural search results on Google's website, the more websites will try to get the highest position in them. There is no escape from Google.

Starting from today, Google's search engine will give us even better answers


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