Facebook, it s time to leave our country, since you don t know any Polish lawyer

Facebook is not able to sue in Poland because its lawyers do not know Polish. What are they still doing here?

Imagine that the website, which has its headquarters in Warsaw office buildings, which organizes meetings and conferences here, employs employees, and above all has several million users on the Vistula, there are no lawyers who know Polish.

Fear to think what must be going on there. Because if they do not know the language, they probably do not know Polish law too well. It may turn out that in the Polish headquarters of Facebook, marijuana is commonly smoked, it draws cocaine and concludes homosexual marriages. Someone might have four wives there, and someone else married an eleven-year-old. Because they couldn't find a good translation, e.g. of the Penal Code.

How absurd? It is hard to say, but Facebook in the dispute with the Social Initiative of Drug Addiction was finally sued for arbitrarily publishing content that SIN publishes on Instagram and Facebook, including, for example, a Facebook group of 4,000 people who helped distinguish good ecstasy from bad ecstasy.

How justified it was for Facebook to delete these types of groups, this is a secondary issue. Let's focus on the circumstances. First of all - a Warsaw court found itself competent to examine SIN's claim against Facebook. It would not be shocking, but this time the company from Poland was not sued, but Facebook Ireland itself. Once, in cooperation with OVH, we prepared such a nice text at Bezprawnik. Server location and law , with various territorial aspects of law on the Internet. Can you sue an Irish company in Poland? It turns out that yes, which was also recognized by the Warsaw court in this particular case.

Facebook ni panimajet pa Polish

Unfortunately, Facebook does not want to accept the claim because it claims that they have no Polish-speaking lawyer in Ireland. It's interesting, because the Polish branch of Facebook is also difficult to sue, because it always refers to Ireland.

However, this translation is quite unconvincing, because a company with a branch in Poland, which provides services to 16 million people from this country, and we have only one official language here, simply must have - or try to have - someone who they will understand all this and arrange them in the languages ​​of kings, rulers and other princes, including Masovian. In similar matters regarding the German market, the local courts told Marek Zuckerberg's family directly: you operate in our country, your problem is whether you have German-speaking lawyers or not. For the Vocanda!

Facebook, it's time to leave our country if you don't know any Polish lawyer


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