Chicken from "vegetable meat" will go to KFC. You can t tell them from real chicken

Beyond Meat, known for vegan burgers reminiscent of those beef, together with KFC is preparing vegan chicken .

Vegan nuggets and wings - of course boneless - will hit KFC on August 27 . For now, only in one restaurant in Atlanta, and only for one day. It will be a kind of test. Restaurant customers that day will receive a free sample of vegan chicken for standard orders. KFC intends to conduct a survey, and it will depend on the results whether the network will implement artificial meat in the regular menu in the future.

Earlier, KFC had experimented with the vegan burner The Imposter .

Chickens will be created by Beyond Meat, which should be well known to vegans looking for alternatives to real meat.

kfc vegan burger

Beyond Meat is a Los Angeles-based company specializing in the production of vegan meat . Sounds strange, but it's the best term for this company's product. The most popular product are cutlets reminiscent of beef. They are made of a mixture of, among others Pea, rice, mung bean, rapeseed oil and pomegranate powder.

Beyond Meat burgers do not differ much from meat in terms of taste and appearance, and even the preparation process is confusingly similar to frying meat. When frying, Beyond Meat burgers take on a brown color, and after preparation are bloody thanks to beetroot juice.

In Poland, we can buy Beyond Meat burgers to prepare at home, among others in the Makro network. In turn, ready-made vegan burgers went to several restaurants, including to the temporary offer in the Krochocwa restaurant network.

An alternative is Impossible Burger. Łukasz Kotkowski tested the second generation of this product in Spider's Web .

Vegetarianism and flexitarianism are increasingly visible trends. And good.

As humanity, we eat far too much meat, and from an ecological point of view, planet Earth is not ready to feed eight billion people with meat. Meat production is a huge burden, which has an impact on the Earth's climate.

More and more people are aware of this and are trying to limit or eliminate meat from the diet. Increasingly, the transition to veg (etari) anism is caused not only by ethical or religious reasons, but also by ecological reasons.

According to the Central Statistical Office, a statistical Pole eats 78.5 kg of meat a year, i.e. about 1.5 kg a week. This number is increasing every year, and we observe a similar trend all over the world. Only fifty years ago, meat production on Earth was around 70 million tonnes a year. In 2017 it was already 330 million tons, i.e. five times more. Meanwhile, the population increased 2.5 times during this time, from 3 to 7.6 billion.

WHO recommends eating no more than half a kilogram of processed meat per person per week. This gives approx. 750 g of fresh meat. It is worth considering this.

Chicken from "vegetable meat" will go to KFC. You can't tell them from real chicken


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