Amazfit shows us the spectacular high-density pixel display of its new smartwatch

In recent weeks of August we have not stopped receiving news regarding the announcement of new products. Not only by Xiaomi where the Xiaomi Mi 9T Pro or the premiere of the Redmi Note 8 range will be released for sale, which will take place on August 29, but also a new smart watch Amazfit that will be shown to the world throughout tomorrow.

After the arrival of the Amazfit GTR, probably one of the most attractive and elegant smartwatches , the Chinese firm has prepared a new smartwatch very similar in design, the Apple Watch . Specifically, as the Vice President of Huami announced last week, this new smartwatch will arrive with a spectacular screen, offering a high pixel density.

Now, just one day after its presentation, the company has shown us through a small gif published on the Weibo social network, the operation of the interface of this new smart watch. And, as we can see under these lines, in addition to having a completely renewed interface , the new Amazfit that we do not know its commercial name yet, will have great clarity on its screen, showing us first of all bright colors , much more readable at a glance.

Interface of the new Amazfit smart watch. Xiaomi Addicted News

Interface of the new Amazfit smart watch.

This is achieved thanks to the high pixel density of its screen, offering in this case a total of 341PP . A figure slightly higher than the 326PPI of the current Apple Watch 4 , which in devices of this size is quite appreciable by our eyes.

Undoubtedly a great breakthrough by Huami since although its current Amazfit Bip has some functionalities at the height of any other smart watch, its screen falls somewhat short in this 2019 where most manufacturers of this type of gadgets use color screens.

Source | Weibo

The Amazfit entry shows us the spectacular high-density pixel screen of its new smartwatch was first published on Xiaomi news and news website in general, we are Xiaomi Addicts .


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