A new, smaller Apple Pencil may be created. It has to fit in an iPhone case

Soon Apple will present a completely new generation of iPhones. As always, accessory manufacturers have trouble keeping secrets to the end. It looks like we're waiting for the premiere of the new Pencil.

The editors of the MobileFun website have noticed in the Olixar offer a new case for unreleased iPhones XI Pro and Pro Max. The cases themselves are not overly interesting, although they have some added value: a pen storage. Instead of keeping it in your pocket or other uncomfortable place, you can always have it at hand, on the phone.

The problem is that Apple Pencil is longer than the promotional case for the iPhone.

shorter apple pencil

That means two things. First of all, a smaller Apple stylus should appear. I wonder if it will be as comfortable to hold in your hand as the current version. For sure, however, it will be easier to hide it somewhere, not only in the said case. However, there is another crazy theory.

What if the iPhone XI Pro and Pro Max can be operated with a stylus like the Galaxy Note?

This theory is definitely contradicted by the test versions of the new iOS, in which there is no trace of the implementation of any control elements using the stylus. They may, of course, be hidden from the testers - although this would be strange considering the purpose of beta-tests - they may also be ... modest enough to be hard to see.

Although this is not Apple's habit, it is possible that the implementation of stylus support is limited to the hardware itself, i.e. the digitizer and a simple driver in iOS. However, this is highly doubtful, although Pencil's compatibility with iPhone has been rumored for a long time .

New iPhones and other Apple devices are expected to be presented next month.

A new, smaller Apple Pencil may be created. It will fit in an iPhone case


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