T-Mobile Polska is fighting with Play for the 5G Ready password. T-Mobile in Austria uses the same

The advertising slogan Play, or 5G Ready, is a salt in the eye of its competitors. It is surprising that he is now used by the Austrian cousin of our T-Mobile.

We will wait a few years for the real 5G debut in Poland. First, a frequency auction must take place, and operators must modernize the infrastructure. In addition, due to the uncertain future of the Huawei brand in Poland , it is not known whether the implementation of the 5th generation network will not delay for many months.

5G and 5G Ready in Poland

However, native telecoms are already preparing for the implementation of the 5th generation network. They test it in laboratory conditions and mount appropriate equipment on the base stations. Play, in turn, went ahead of the ranks and began to convince the customers that his network is already 5G Ready . This did not appeal to competition.

Orange decided that 5G Ready from Playa is "chocolate-like" and "erzac". T-Mobile, in turn, went to court , but despite the first victory , the matter goes on. In this context, it is almost fun to see which other European network decided to use the 5G Ready password in its communication.

5g ready play t-mobile magenta

5G Ready not only on Play .

T-Mobile Austria changed the name to Magenta Telekom, but it is still our T-Mobile cousin belonging to one family. It is significant that this operator decided to use the same password, for which the Polish branch of Deutsche Telekom is in conflict with Play.

It is worth noting, however, that Magenta Telekom does not describe as 5G Ready its network. The slogan for which Polish telecoms dispute appears as the name of one of the tariffs. Not without significance is the fact that the Austrian operator has already launched the first 5G base stations.

To this should be mentioned that not only European operators in this way combine. Play uses the 5G Ready password, and one of the overseas operators, AT & T, serves 5G Evolution to customers in the United States. He was sued by the American Sprint. The case ended with a settlement .

T-Mobile Polska is fighting with Play for the 5G Ready password. T-Mobile in Austria uses the same


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