HP Ink Tank Wireless 415 is a multifunctional device tailored to your personal needs

Over the last decade, many things have changed in our homes and offices, but one subject never leaves them - the printer. And while it would seem that the printers themselves have not undergone any change, the HP Ink Tank 415 Wireless shows that it is different.

Digitalisation is progressing, smartphones are portable super-computers, but in 9 out of 10 cases, when we need to prepare for children educational aids, provide accounting documents or provide a letter - we need a printer.

In my house, it is often and densely printed. Both my wife and I run our own business, so at least once a month a thick document file for accounting goes out of the printer. Along the way, dozens of contracts and hundreds of pages of consents to data processing (#RODO). Add to this the labels for courier shipments and various occasional prints, and I will not lie, saying that I use at least one ream of paper every month and the ink needed to print it.

HP Ink Tank Wireless 415

However, the printer is also needed in those houses where it is printed from time to time. The child will write the homework - you have to print. You need a letter to the office - you have to print. The device must be at home, even if it is used only occasionally, and this in turn gives rise to operational problems: in many models, the dust clogs the heads, and the unused mascara simply sucks and ceases to be usable.

HP Ink Tank Wireless 415 fits both at home and home office.

The new HP printer will perform in many home applications. It is suitable for the average consumer who prints occasionally. It also works well in the home office of an entrepreneur who has to deal with piles of paper.

HP Ink Tank Wireless 415

First of all, it costs a little money.

HP Ink Tank Wireless 415 can be purchased at a price of about PLN 600 (depending on the store). Of course, by the word "printer" all the time I mean "multifunction device" - so for this money we get not only a printing tool, but also to scan documents in high definition.

HP Ink Tank Wireless 415

Second, its exploitation will not ruin the budget.

Unlike most printers, which only have a small starter capacity in the set, HP Ink Tank Wireless 415 adds to the set of five ink bottles - two with black (170 ml each) and three with colors (70 ml).

The ink containers have a capacity of 70 ml (color) and 80 ml (black), so each bottle with color is enough for one filling, and one bottle with black ink is more than two full containers.

HP Ink Tank Wireless 415

According to the manufacturer's assurances, the attached ink should be enough to print 15 thousand. cards in black ink, and color for 8 thousand. We could take these values ​​as a good coin, but ... instead, we decided to find out for ourselves whether the producer is telling the truth.

Dawid Kosiński ordered 75.5 kg of paper, which he then printed with school aids, which went to schools and kindergartens:


And so - HP Ink Tank Wireless 415 managed to print the number of cards declared by the manufacturer. This means that the average user who prints occasionally will not have to buy an ink bottle over the years. Home office significantly saves on exploitation - one bottle with color ink costs PLN 39, while 135 ml of black ink is just PLN 46. With such efficiency, it's really funny amounts, and let's also add that ink bottles are, after all, a greener solution than plastic cartridges.

Without a doubt, it is also easier to refill the ink by pouring it into the container, rather than going through the cumbersome process of replacing the cartridges. There is also a banal process of ordering new ink bottles - you do not need to search for a store, just select the option in the mobile application on your smartphone.

Thirdly, the HP Ink Tank Wireless 415 is adapted to the requirements of the modern world.

Print efficiency and economic aspects are one thing, but nowadays the multifunction device must also keep up with new technologies.

HP Ink Tank Wireless 415

We used to work mainly on desktop computers, the printer was connected with a cable and it was possible to print only from a connected computer (or from other computers connected to the printer via a wired network).

Today, life and work are mobile. We do not sit in one place, and desktop computers have long replaced laptops and smartphones. I write these words myself on my laptop, 600 km away from the house where the printer stands.

HP Ink Tank Wireless 415

However, if I wanted to, I could print any document on this printer anytime and anywhere, and the HP Ink Tank Wireless 415 also offers this option.

The printer works both on your home wireless network and in the cloud, with HP ePrint or universal Google Cloud Print or Apple AirPrint printing services. If only the printer is turned on and connected to the network, you can print from anywhere in the world.

It also works the other way - with the HP Ink Tank Wireless 415 we can scan documents and send them directly to the cloud, email or mobile device.

After scanning, you can edit the document before saving it in the selected location.

The process of configuring the network connection is also very simple. This is not so obvious, because in the devices of many manufacturers, the connection of a printer with a cloud is a journey through torment. Here it is different - just go to 123.hp.pl, choose a model from the list and click "next". The software will install itself, and the whole configuration will be done.

HP Ink Tank Wireless 415

I will also add that after connecting the accounts, it is possible to print photos directly from social websites within the HP mobile application.

We can also edit the appearance of the application so that the options we need most are on the main screen.

HP Ink Tank Wireless 415 is a device tailored to the requirements of most consumers.

This is not a high quality photo printer - because most consumers of photos do not print. It can not be printed on the disc - again, because most consumers do not.

HP Ink Tank Wireless 415

However, this is a multifunction device that meets the most important criteria of the majority of consumers: it is affordable, economical, ecological and convenient to use. In addition, they can also be purchased in blue as HP Ink Tank Wireless 419, if you are interested in a different color than office black.

What do you want more from your home printer?

* The material was created in cooperation with the HP brand

** Photos: Marcin Połowianiuk

HP Ink Tank Wireless 415 is a multifunctional device tailored to your personal needs


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