Here s Car Thing. The first device from Spotify

Spotify on the stock exchange

Spotify will show its first physical equipment, but it will not be a smartphone or miniature player for athletes. It's a gadget that will go to cars.

The device with a working sounding name Car Thing is a small gadget designed by Spotify. It is plugged into the lighter socket in the car, after which the device becomes an intermediary between the smartphone and the car. Communication occurs via Bluetooth.

Car Thing has to check how we listen to music in the car

At the outset, it is worth noting that Car Thing is equipment that will not be available in stores. Instead, the device will be sent to some subscribers of the Premium plan, of course only in the United States. Car Thing is to collect information about how we use Spotify in the car, including how we play music and podcasts.

Car Thing has a small round screen that shows information about the music being played. It also has four buttons that are used to support playlists. The device can be operated by voice by saying the command "hey Spotify".

Spotify at the same time convinces me that it wants to remain a company from digital music, not from producing equipment. However, there are plans for further devices: Voice Thing and Home Thing. One theory is that Spotify works in this way over a voice assistant responsible for music. The same assistant would work at home and in the car.

Spotify is preparing for the future

A very likely scenario is that Car Thing is an attempt to research the market for podcasts . Standing in traffic jams is a great opportunity to listen to these digital programs, and you have to remember that in 2019 Spotify will spend $ 500 million. to purchase and promote podcasts in your application.

The exact motives for Car Thing release are unknown. Spotify, however, must look into the future, because the competition from Apple Music is getting stronger, and yet Apple is also a device (iPhone), as well as related services (Siri). Today, Spotify already has 100 million subscribers paying for the service. For comparison, Apple Music only has 56 million, but the service is only three years old and is growing at a faster pace than Spotify. No wonder the Swedes are arming themselves for the future.

Here's Car Thing. The first device from Spotify


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